Step-by-Step Guide on How to Reset Your Geeni Camera Effectively

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Geeni cameras are revolutionary security devices that have seamlessly amalgamated convenience and technology. They offer unique features like real-time video recording, motion detection, and cloud storage, all manageable right from your smartphone. However, at times, you may need to reset your Geeni camera. It could be due to forgetting login details, device malfunctions, or reinstating factory settings, among others. Understanding the importance and the need for resetting your Geeni camera effectively and securely is essential.

When to Reset Your Geeni Camera

For the smooth functioning and optimal use of your Geeni camera, recognizing situations that necessitate a reset is key. Often, connection issues, slow performance, unfunctional features, or confusion in settings call for a reset. Similarly, it is vital to understand the indicators and error messages that your camera displays. Frequent disconnections or error messages like ‘device offline’ or ‘unable to connect’ usually signal towards a potential reset requirement.

Initial Steps Before Resetting the Camera

Before proceeding with a full reset, ensure you back up any necessary data as this process will revert the camera to its original factory settings. It is also crucial to check if your camera’s firmware is up-to-date and that your camera has a stable internet connection. This step ensures that you don’t encounter any network-related problems while carrying out the reset process.

Step-by-step process of resetting Geeni Camera

Hard Resetting Your Geeni Camera

The first method involves a hard reset. Here are the steps involved:

Locating the reset button

The reset button is usually located at the base or the side of the Geeni camera. Make sure your camera is powered on.

Pressing the reset button

Use a small pin or a needle to press the button. Keep the button pressed for about five to ten seconds.

Releasing the reset button after a certain amount of time

Release the button after the time frame and wait for the camera to reboot. Monitor the indicator lights on the camera — they should flash or change color, indicating the reset process is in progress.

Soft Resetting Your Geeni Camera

Another way to reset your camera is through a soft reset, which can be done using the Geeni app on your smartphone:

Accessing the camera settings

Open the Geeni app and select the camera you wish you reset. In the camera settings, look for an option labeled ‘Reset’.

Choosing the reset option

Upon finding the Reset option, tap on it.

Confirming the reset command

A prompt will appear asking for a confirmation. Confirm the reset and wait for the completion message. The camera will then restart on its own.

Verifying successful reset

After either of the reset processes, ensure your settings have reverted to default and confirm if any previous issues are resolved.

Possible Issues After Resetting Geeni Camera

Post a reset, you may face some hiccups. These could include network connection problems, or registration or login troubles. The solutions could range from rechecking your network configuration, re-entering correct login credentials, or reinstalling the Geeni app.


Resetting your Geeni Camera is an easy process if followed accurately and patiently. It helps ensure the smooth functioning of your camera and prolongs its lifespan while maintaining the security of your home or office.

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