Step-by-Step Guide on How to Connect Your Wyze Camera to a New WiFi Network

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Wyze Camera, a popular product in the realm of home security, offers consumers a cost-effective solution for monitoring their homes. However, to fully realize its potential, it needs to be connected to a stable and reliable WiFi connection. This article will guide users through the step-by-step process of connecting a Wyze Camera to a new WiFi network. We’ll explore the best practices, common pitfalls and everything you need to know for this process.

Understanding Wyze Camera and WiFi Connections

Primarily designed for home security, the Wyze Camera offers several features that require a WiFi connection. These include real-time video streaming, motion detection alerts, and the ability to control the camera remotely. By connecting your Wyze Camera to WiFi, you can enable these features and utilize the camera to its full potential.

Preparation for Connecting Wyze Camera to New WiFi

Before going through the steps of connecting your Wyze Camera to new WiFi, you need to prepare. Start by checking the new WiFi connection to ensure it’s stable. Collect necessary information such as the WiFi SSID (network name) and password. Lastly, make sure your Wyze Camera is ready for a new connection by verifying it’s not currently connected to another network.

Step-by-step Guide on How to Connect Wyze Camera to New WiFi

Opening the Wyze App

Begin by opening the Wyze app on your smartphone or tablet. In case you haven’t installed it yet, you can find it in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Accessing the Camera Settings

Once in the app, navigate to your camera’s settings. This can usually be found by selecting your camera from the list and tapping on the gear icon.

Selecting the new WiFi network

Within the settings, look for the ‘Network’ option. Select this, and tap on the ‘Change WiFi Network’ button. Choose your new WiFi network from the list that appears.

Inputting the WiFi Password

After choosing your new WiFi network, input the password to connect your Wyze Camera to it.

Confirming the new WiFi connection

If you entered your information correctly and your new WiFi is reliable, you’ll see a confirmation message.

Troubleshooting common issues

In case you encounter any problems with the connection, double-check your WiFi SSID and password. If problems persist, restart both your Wyze camera and your router.

Tips for a Stable and Secure WiFi Connection for Wyze Camera

To ensure consistent performance, place your Wyze Camera close to the WiFi router. For the best connectivity, consider upgrading to a high-speed internet plan. Also, take steps to secure your WiFi network such as enabling strong encryption and changing your default WiFi password.

Benefits of Connecting Wyze Camera to New WiFi

Connecting your Wyze Camera to a new WiFi network can significantly enhance its functionality and security. You’ll be able to use advanced features like cloud storage, two-way audio communication, and remote viewing.


In summary, connecting a Wyze Camera to a new WiFi network is a straightforward process that offers manifold benefits. Remember to use secure WiFi settings to ensure that your Wyze Camera’s streaming data is safe. Now that you know how to connect Wyze Camera to new WiFi, enjoy the peace of mind that comes with heightened home security.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should I do if my Wyze Camera fails to connect to the new WiFi?

If your Wyze Camera won’t connect, try restarting the device and the router. If this doesn’t work, consider resetting the Wyze Camera to factory settings.

How can I test the strength of my new WiFi connection?

You can test the strength of your WiFi connection using apps such as Speedtest by Ookla or WiFi Analyzer.

Can I connect my Wyze Camera to multiple WiFi networks?

No, a single Wyze Camera can only be connected to one WiFi network at a time.

How can I improve the WiFi signal for my Wyze Camera?

You can improve the WiFi signal for your Wyze Camera by moving it closer to your WiFi router or using a WiFi extender.

How do I secure my Wyze Camera WiFi connection?

You can secure your Wyze Camera WiFi connection by employing security measures like changing the default WiFi network name and password, enabling network encryption, and regularly updating your router’s firmware.