Step-by-step Guide on How to Archive Amazon Orders: Simplifying E-commerce Management

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E-commerce and online shopping are at the heart of our modern buying habits and Amazon leads this retail revolution. With a plethora of products offered, many of us have a long list of Amazon orders. But with manifold orders cluttering the account, it can get difficult to manage. This is where the archiving feature of Amazon orders comes into the picture. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide about archiving Amazon orders accurately and efficiently, elucidating the process, benefits, and common mistakes you need to be aware of.

Understanding Amazon Order Archiving

Definition and Explanation of Amazon Order Archiving

Amazon order archiving is a feature provided by Amazon to help its users manage their buyer history. This option allows users to move the orders they wish to hide from the default order history to a separate archived section.

Difference between Deleting and Archiving Amazon Orders

While both deleting and archiving Amazon orders assist in decluttering the order history, their repercussions are different. Deleting an order removes it permanently from the record, while archiving simply moves it to a separate section, allowing it to be retrieved when necessary.

Benefits of Archiving Amazon Orders

Archiving Amazon orders helps to maintain a clean order history, making it easier to find specific orders. Additionally, as it provides an option to retrieve orders, it also helps keep a record of past purchases which might be useful in cases of warranty claims or re-purchasing.

Step-by-step Process to Archive Amazon Orders

Login into Your Amazon Account

Begin the process by visiting Amazon’s homepage on your preferred browser. Input your login credentials to access your account.

Navigate to Your Orders

Once logged in, click on the Your Orders option from the dropdown menu under My Account.

Choose an Order to Archive

A list of your past orders will be displayed. Select the order you wish to archive and click on the Archive Order button.

Confirm Selection

A pop-up will appear to make sure it’s not an accidental click. Confirm your selection and the order will be moved to your archive list.

Retrieving Archived Amazon Orders

Steps to retrieve archived Amazon orders

To retrieve an archived order, simply navigate to Archived Orders under My Account. From there, select the order you wish to unarchive and click on the Unarchive Order button.

Limits and Restrictions in Retrieving Orders

Note that you can only archive up to 100 orders and they can only remain archived for a period not exceeding 365 days.

Tips and Tricks for Efficient Amazon Order Archiving

Regular Archiving of Amazon Orders

Make it a regular practice to archive orders as this can help you maintain a clean order history and manage your Amazon account more effectively.

Advantages of Using the Amazon Mobile App for Archiving

It’s usually more convenient to use the Amazon mobile app for archiving as the user interface is intuitive and the process is quicker.

Points to Remember When Archiving Amazon Orders

Be careful not to accidentally archive orders that are still in progress or for which you might need quick and easy access.

Common Mistakes When Archiving Amazon Orders and How to Avoid Them

Mistake 1: Accidentally Archiving the Wrong Order

Always double-check before you confirm the archiving of an order. Careless clicks can lead to unnecessary trouble.

Mistake 2: Not Knowing the Limit of Archiving Orders

Keep in mind that you can archive only up to 100 orders and they will automatically unarchive after 365 days.

Mistake 3: Not Knowing How to Retrieve Archived Orders

Archive orders with the comfort of knowing they can be retrieved again whenever necessary. Most users are not aware of this flexibility.


The process and importance of Amazon order archiving cannot be overstated. It helps you maintain a clean order history and manage your Amazon account more effectively. Let’s make the best use of this feature with the guidance provided above.

FAQ Section

Can I un-archive an Amazon order?

Yes, archived Amazon orders can be un-archived at any time.

Is there a limit to how many orders I can archive on Amazon?

Yes, you can archive up to 100 orders on Amazon.

Can someone else see my archived orders?

No, your archived orders are private and can only be accessed through your account’s Archived Orders section.

Is archiving the same as deleting an order on Amazon?

No, archiving is different from deleting an order. Archiving an order hides it from your default order history but keeps it in a separate section for future reference if necessary.

Can I archive an order immediately after purchasing it?

Yes, you can archive an order immediately after purchasing it.

Will archiving an order affect its delivery or return/refund process?

No, archiving an order will not affect its delivery or any return/refund process associated with it.