Step-by-Step Guide: How to Share WiFi Password to Laptop Easily

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We live in an era where connectivity is key. WiFi is now an integral part of our lives, from our homes to coffee shops, schools, and workplaces. With this rise in WiFi usage, the practice of sharing WiFi passwords has become fairly frequent and significant. This article provides comprehensive guidelines for an important aspect of WiFi connectivity, that is, ‘how to share WiFi password to laptop.’

Prerequisites for Sharing WiFi Passwords

Before sharing a WiFi password, certain requirements need to be met. A functional WiFi router and a laptop with an updated operating system are prerequisites. To directly share the password, access to the router’s admin settings is necessary.

Step-by-step Process: Sharing WiFi Password from a Router

Access the Router’s Admin Page

To locate the WiFi password from your router, type the IP address, usually provided on the router, into your web browser’s URL bar. You will then be required to input the router’s username and password, that are also usually printed on the router.

Find and Display the WiFi Password

Once inside the settings, navigate to the ‘Wireless’ or ‘Wireless Security’ tab to find your WiFi password. The password might be listed under various names including ‘Pre-shared Key,’ ‘Passphrase,’ among others.

Share the Password

Simply communicate the password to the laptop user, ensuring no outsider gains the information inadvertently.

Step-by-step Process: Connecting a Laptop to WiFi using a Shared Password

Select WiFi Network

On your laptop, click on the WiFi icon situated on the taskbar. This will display available networks. Click on the appropriate network.

Input Password

Once selected, you will be prompted to enter the shared password. Type it in and click Connect.

Resolve Connectivity Issues

If you face troubles connecting, check the password for any errors, ensure the WiFi is working, and the device itself is not restricted from the network.

Screen Sharing as an Alternative

Screen sharing brings forward an option for less tech-savvy people. The person with access to the password can simply share their screen containing the password via applications like Skype, Zoom, or Google Meet.

Step-by-step Guide to Screen Share

Call the recipient, go to the ‘Share Screen’ option and choose the screen with the password on display. Once the recipient has connected their laptop to the WiFi, stop the screen share.

Using QR Codes to Share WiFi Passwords

QR Codes come in handy for easy, almost instantaneous sharing of WiFi passwords. You can generate a QR code, which when scanned by a device, automatically connects it to the WiFi.

Generate and Use QR Code

Use online services like QRCode Monkey, input your WiFi details such as SSID and password and generate the QR Code. The recipient can then scan this code to automatically connect to the WiFi.

Precautions and the Importance of Regular Password Changes

While sharing WiFi passwords is a common practice, it could have potential risks. To maintain security, make it a habit to change WiFi passwords frequently. Ensure passwords are not scribbled on walls or easily accessible spaces.


We have covered various methods to share a WiFi password with a laptop easily. While each method has its advantages, it’s crucial to be mindful of the potential risks. Strive for responsible WiFi password sharing to ensure connectivity without compromising on security.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How often should I change my WiFi password?

It is recommended to change the WiFi password every three months.

What happens if I forget my WiFi password?

Most routers allow resetting the password via their admin settings login page.

How can I share my WiFi password without exposing it to others?

Screen sharing or using QR codes help keep the password concealed.

Is sharing my WiFi password risky?

If done irresponsibly, it can lead to unauthorized access and potential bandwidth theft.

Can I restrict certain devices from connecting to my network?

Yes. Most routers have a ‘MAC filtering’ function that allows the user to block specific devices.

Is there a way to share a WiFi password without physically typing it into the device?

Indeed. QR codes or the screen sharing method make it possible.

Can malware be transmitted through WiFi password sharing?

Malware is unlikely to be transmitted through WiFi password sharing.


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