Step-By-Step Guide: How to Set Up a Wyze Cam for Home Surveillance

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Living in a technologically advanced era has brought with it numerous conveniences, one of which is the use of smart home devices for heightened home security. A great example of such a device is the Wyze Cam—a pocket-friendly, compact security camera with features designed to ensure your home’s safety. This article serves as a thorough guide on how to set up a Wyze Cam, providing detailed steps to unpack, set up, explore its features, troubleshoot common issues, and maintain this indispensable home security device.

Unpackaging The Wyze Cam

The process of setting up your Wyze Cam begins with unpacking its box, which includes a camera unit, power adapter, quick start guide, metal disc (for magnetic mounting), adhesive tape, and a USB cord. The device’s unassuming design makes for an effortless initial installation.

Installing the Wyze App

Before physically installing your wyze cam, it’s crucial to download and install the Wyze app on your smartphone. This app is available on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. After installing the app, proceed to sign up for a Wyze account.

The Wyze app interface is intuitive, allowing easy navigation between different functionalities such as the live view, events section, playback, and device settings. The lower part of the screen showcases different tabs that make the user interface easy to operate.

Setting Up the Wyze Cam

The Wyze Cam’s physical installation is straightforward. Depending on your preference, you can place it on a flat surface or use the adhesive tape to stick it to a wall. The camera’s back has a flat metal plate that attaches magnetically to the included disc, providing versatile mounting options.

As for setting the Wyze Cam up with your WiFi, plug the camera into a power source, wait for the yellow light to flash, press the setup button below the camera, and follow the app’s step-by-step instructions to complete the WiFi connection setup.

Pairing the Wyze Cam with the Wyze App is the final installation step. From your app, ensure the camera is added to your devices, which you can do by clicking on Add a device then following the prompts.

Exploring Wyze Cam Features

Wyze Cam packs several impressive features including Full HD live streaming, two-way audio, night vision, motion and sound detection, 14-day cloud storage for recorded events, and localization of storage via a microSD card.

Each feature can be activated or personalized via the Wyze app. For instance, you can set up notification preferences, adjust the detection zone, sensitivity settings, and even schedule the exact times you want the camera to monitor your home.

Troubleshooting Common Wyze Cam Setup Issues

Like any tech device, you might encounter a few setup issues. Common problems include connection failures, unrecognized camera by the app, among others. Most issues can be addressed by resetting the camera, checking the WiFi connection, or reinstalling the app.

Maintaining your Wyze Cam

Regular updates, system checks, and cleaning will keep your Wyze Cam in good shape. Make sure to clean the lens with a soft cloth periodically, keep the firmware updated and check the camera’s functionality for any decreases in performance.


Setting up a Wyze Cam is easy and the enhanced security it brings makes it a valuable investment. It offers robust features that ensure your home remains safe, giving you peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What to do if the Wyze Cam does not connect to the WiFi?

Ensure your WiFi is working correctly. If it’s a connection issue, try resetting the camera and reconnecting it.

Why is the Wyze Cam not showing in the Wyze App?

If the camera is not showing in the app, ensure that you have added it properly. If it persists, uninstall and reinstall the app.

How often should you update the Wyze Cam software?

Keep your Wyze Cam up-to-date by periodically checking for updates. Wyze periodically releases updates to improve functionality and fix bugs.

What to do when the Wyze Cam stops working?

If your Wyze Cam stops working, try resetting it. If it doesn’t work, contact Wyze support.

How to reset Wyze Cam?

Press the setup button under the camera for 10 seconds to reset the Wyze Cam.

What to do if the Wyze Cam is hacked or compromised?

Ensure you have a strong password, enable two-factor authentication, and keep the app updated. If you suspect a hack, reset the camera, and contact Wyze support.

What are the best locations to place your Wyze Cam at home?

Place your Wyze Cam in high traffic areas like the front door or living room for optimal surveillance.