Step-by-Step Guide: How to Reset Your Wyze Outdoor Camera for Troubleshooting and Maintenance

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Wyze outdoor cameras have become popular gadgets for homeowners due to their ease of use and the heightened security they offer. Every now and then, you may need to reset your surveillance device – perhaps due to network issues, device malfunction, or for routine maintenance procedures. Knowing how to perform a reset on a Wyze outdoor camera is a vital skill that can save you time and technical headaches. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to reset these invaluable devices.

What is Wyze Outdoor Camera?

An Overview of Wyze Outdoor Camera

The Wyze outdoor camera is a wireless surveillance system specifically designed to withstand outdoor conditions. The camera provides full HD live streaming and recording with night vision capabilities, enabling you to monitor your property 24/7 from virtually anywhere through a mobile app.

Key Features of Wyze Outdoor Camera

This security camera boasts advanced features for a seamless surveillance experience. These include motion detection, two-way audio ideal for interactive communication, push notifications, and extended battery life. It also offers weather resistance capabilities and provides local and cloud storage options for video footage.

When and Why to Reset Wyze Outdoor Camera

Various Scenarios When You May Need to Reset the Camera

There will be certain circumstances where a camera reset is necessary. These include: when the camera isn’t functioning properly, when it fails to connect to WiFi, if you forget the password, or when the device is to be handed over to a new owner.

Benefits of Resetting the Camera

Resetting your Wyze camera can solve several common problems, improve overall performance, and potentially avoid the need for professional assistance. It restores the device to its default settings, thereby getting rid of any problematic configurations.

How to Reset Wyze Outdoor Camera

Detailed, step-by-step instructions to reset the Wyze Outdoor Camera:

1. On the underside of the camera, locate the setup button.
2. Power off the camera and wait for about five seconds.
3. While holding the setup button, reconnect the camera to a power source.
4. Keep pressing the setup button until the status light flashes yellow, then release.
5. The camera will reboot and the status light will flash yellow and blue simultaneously, suggesting the reset process is complete.

What to do when the camera resets:

Once your camera resets, it goes back to its original factory settings, and you may have to input your ideal configurations and details again.

How to Reconnect to the Network After the Reset

After resetting, reconnect the outdoor camera to the Wyze App by selecting ‘Add a Product’ in the app and following the onscreen instructions.

Common Issues with Wyze Outdoor Camera

Overview of Common Problems Users May Encounter

Users may occasionally experience issues such as the camera failing to connect to the network, camera ‘offline’ problems, motion detection not working, and the app not loading camera footage.

How Resetting Can Alleviate These Problems

Resetting the camera can help troubleshoot these issues. By restoring to factory settings, stability can be regained and the device can operate optimally.

Precautions to Take Before Resetting the Wyze Outdoor Camera

Important Aspects to Consider Before the Reset

Before you conduct the reset, ensure that the device is on a stable surface to avoid fall damages. You should also be prepared to reconfigure the device settings after the reset.

What Information will be Lost in the Reset Process

Once you reset the Wyze camera, all your configuration settings and preferences, including network connections and camera preferences, will be lost.

How to Back Up Data Before Resetting the Camera

Unfortunately, you can’t back up camera preference and configurations data. However, video recordings stored in SD cards will be safe and untouched during the reset process.


Understanding how to reset your Wyze outdoor camera is a fundamental skill for all users. This guide has provided the steps to effectively perform the reset and highlighted important factors that should be considered to ensure a successful procedure.


What does resetting a Wyze outdoor camera do?

Resetting a Wyze outdoor camera reverts it to its original factory settings, hence resolving any software-related issues and erasing personalized configurations.

Will I lose all my recordings when I reset my Wyze Outdoor Camera?

No, as long as your recordings are stored on an SD card, they will not be lost during the reset process.

How often should I reset my Wyze Outdoor Camera?

There’s no specified frequency for resetting the camera. It’s usually done when there’s a need to troubleshoot or correct certain malfunctions.

What to do if the Wyze Outdoor Camera does not reset?

If your camera fails to reset, it’s advisable to reach out to Wyze customer support for further assistance.

How to connect the Wyze Outdoor Camera to Wi-Fi after resetting it?

You can connect your camera to Wi-Fi by selecting ‘Add a Product’ from the Wyze App and following the instructions provided.

Is it necessary to back up data before resetting the camera?

The reset process doesn’t affect videos stored on the SD card. However, all your personal configurations and network connections will be erased.