Step-By-Step Guide: How to Reset Your Vizio TV Without Using a Remote

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Having the know-how on resetting your Vizio television without using a remote can be quite beneficial. Technological mishaps aren’t an unusual occurrence, and misplacing a remote is among the most common. This article aims to detail a step-by-step guide on how to reset your Vizio TV without a remote, a skill that might just save the day when your remote goes MIA.

Why You Might Need to Reset Your Vizio TV

There’s a broad spectrum of issues that can arise with Vizio TVs. Some glitches can abruptly and adversely affect the functionality of your device, from fidgety streaming services to freezing screens. Often, these problems can be rectified by a simple reset. Resetting your Vizio TV could help it to return to a state of freshness and functionality, hence the need to understand the reset process.

Before You Try to Reset: Troubleshooting Common Vizio TV Issues

Before you take the reset plunge, there are a couple of common problems that you might be able to troubleshoot. Issues such as audio distortions, poor image quality, or intermittent freezing can often be fixed with simple adjustments within your TV settings. Sometimes, a firmware update can be the cure to your woes, so checking if your device’s software is up-to-date could be a step in the right direction.

Understanding the Reset process

Resetting your Vizio TV means restoring it to its factory defaults. It’s an eliminator, getting rid of all your personalized settings, installed apps and account information. Therefore, it’s critical to understand that you’ll have to re-setup your device after a reset.

How to Reset Vizio TV without a Remote

A. Resetting a Vizio TV using the TV buttons

Without a remote, you can use the physical buttons on your TV. Find the MENU button and press it to access the menu options. From here, navigate to SETTINGS then SYSTEM and finally RESET & ADMIN. Select RESET TV TO FACTORY SETTINGS and confirm to reset the TV.

B. Resetting a Vizio TV Using a Universal Remote

If you have a universal remote, you can follow the same steps as with the original remote. Simply ensure that it is correctly programmed to control your Vizio TV.

C. Resetting a Vizio TV using Smart Device Applications or the Vizio SmartCast App

There are several smart device applications that can mimic the function of a remote. The Vizio SmartCast Mobile App can be a good alternative if you have a Vizio Smart TV.

D. Resetting a Vizio TV Through Unplugging and Re-plugging

If the above methods fail, try unplugging your TV, wait for about a minute and plug it back in. Sometimes, a hard reset, caused by a power cycle, is all it takes to fix issues.

Things to Consider After Resetting your Vizio TV

After a reset, your Vizio TV will need a fresh setup. Make sure you have all your account details and an active internet connection. Ensure you update your software to the latest version to benefit from up-to-date features and bug fixes.

Safety Precautions When Resetting Your Vizio TV

Reset your TV responsibly to prevent any unnecessary issues. Ensure there’s no power surge during the process, and follow through the setup guide properly to avoid inconveniences.


Resetting your Vizio TV without a remote is not as daunting as it seems. With this guide, you should comfortably navigate through the process, even when your remote control is nowhere to be found.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What to do when Vizio TV won’t turn on after reset?

First, check if the power cable is properly connected. If it still won’t turn on, unplug, wait a few moments, and plug back in.

How to troubleshoot Vizio TV after resetting it?

Ensure that your internet connection is stable, and your device’s software is updated.

Is there any other way to reset a Vizio TV if you don’t have a remote?

Yes, you can utilize the Vizio SmartCast Mobile App or a programmed universal remote.

What if resetting doesn’t solve the problem?

Seek professional help; contact Vizio support or a licensed technician.

How long does it take for a Vizio TV to reset?

The process typically takes a few minutes. However, the duration may slightly vary depending on the model of your Vizio TV.