Step-by-Step Guide: How to Reset Your Gosund Smart Plug for Seamless Functionality

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Gosund Smart Plugs are Wi-Fi-connected devices that transform your ‘dumb’ devices into smart ones. These little wonders let you wirelessly control your appliances and devices via your smartphone or voice command devices such as Alexa or Google Assistant. However, like all tech devices, they can also run into issues warranting a reset. Knowing how to reset your Gosund Smart Plug not only helps in resolving existing issues but also ensures its optimal performance.

Understanding the Gosund Smart Plug

Features and Benefits of the Gosund Smart Plug

One of the primary benefits of Gosund Smart Plugs is their ability to make any device smart. Imagine being able to control your coffee maker or air purifier using your voice or smartphone. It also provides convenience and energy-saving benefits, enabling you to schedule your devices to power on and off at specific times, thereby conserving energy.

Reasons to Reset Gosund Smart Plug

Typically, you would need to reset your Gosund Smart Plug if it’s not responding as expected, if you’re transferring the plug to a new owner, or if you’re experiencing connectivity issues. Additionally, resetting could be key when the plug fails to sync with your smart device or if the Gosund app insists that no device is connected.

The Resetting Process at a Glance

The reset process is usually straightforward, involving both the plug itself and the app. Let’s delve in, shall we?

Step-by-step Guide for Resetting the Gosund Smart Plug


Check the plug’s condition

Ensure that the plug is in good physical condition and that it’s properly connected to the power source.

Make sure the app and plug are updated

Ensure both your Gosund Smart Plug and the app are up-to-date with the latest software and firmware versions.

Initiating the Resetting Process

Locate the power button/switch

The Gosund Smart Plug features a power button on its side. This button is crucial in the reset process.

Press and hold the power button/switch

To reset the smart plug, press and hold this power button for about 5 seconds until you see the Wi-Fi LED light blinks rapidly.

Wait for the lights/flashing signals indicating the plug is resetting

This is usually an indicator that your smart plug is undergoing a factory reset.

Performing a Reset from the Gosund app

Locate the device on the app

After resetting the hardware, you’ll need to remove the device from your Gosund App. Locate your device on the app and click on it.

Follow instructions to perform reset

From the options, select ‘remove device’ to erase the smart plug’s information from the app.

Verification of Successful Reset

What to look for visually and on the app

Your Gosund Smart Plug should now be in pairing mode, as indicated by the rapid blinking of the LED light. Also, it would no longer be listed on your Gosund app.

Test the connections and functionality after reset

You can now proceed to reconnect your smart plug to your Wi-Fi network and pair with your devices to verify its functionality.


Identifying common issues during and after reset

In some instances, the Gosund Smart Plug may fail to reset; it usually manifests in the form of an unresponsive device or the LED lamp not blinking.

Providing solutions to these common issues

A simple remedy could be to patiently attempt the process once again. If the issues persist, consider consulting the user manual or viewing online tutorials for assistance.

When to contact Gosund support for help

In cases where both personal troubleshooting and online assistance fail to offer solutions, it may be necessary to contact Gosund customer support.


Understanding how to reset a Gosund Smart Plug is a simple yet crucial knowledge. It saves significant time by swiftly solving your connectivity issues and ensuring your smart devices function seamlessly. We welcome all feedback and comments on your experiences.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long does it take to reset the Gosund Smart Plug?

The reset process takes about 5 seconds. However, the complete reset and reconfiguration process may extend to a few minutes.

What if the Gosund Smart Plug doesn’t respond after reset?

In case the Gosund Smart Plug doesn’t respond, repeat the reset process. If that doesn’t work, contact Gosund’s customer service.

Can resetting the Gosund Smart Plug affect other devices connected to it?

No, resetting your smart plug only deletes its network information, not affecting other devices.

How often should one reset their Gosund Smart Plug?

The frequency of resets is subjective, depending on individual use and preferences. Typically, you would need to reset only when experiencing issues.

What to do if the Gosund app isn’t showing the plug after reset?

If the app isn’t showing the plug after a reset, try refreshing the device list on the app or reinstall the app. If these don’t work, reach out to Gosund’s customer support for assistance.