Step by Step Guide: How to Remove a Stripped Screw on a Laptop

Table of Contents

Understanding the Problem: Stripped Screws on Laptops

Ever wondered how to remove a stripped screw on a laptop? Stripped screws are essentially those screws that have had their threads worn out, making it difficult to remove them using the traditional screwdriver. The head of a stripped screw is often distorted to the point that the screwdriver cannot grip onto it.

Stripped screws may be found in various parts of a laptop ranging from the bottom case, internal components, or the display hinges. They can hinder the functionality of a laptop by preventing components from being properly fastened. Left unaddressed, they might even damage surrounding components due to potential movement or instability, making it essential to understand how to remove a stripped screw on a laptop.

Essential Tools Needed to Remove a Stripped Screw

A number of specialized tools can come in handy when dealing with a stripped screw on a laptop. These may include rubber bands, screw extractors, or drill bits, depending on the method employed. It is crucial to handle these tools with care to prevent injury and further damage to the laptop.

Similarly, proper disposal of defected screws is important not just for neatness, but also to prevent the inadvertent usage of these faulty screws again, which may most likely lead to further problems.

Preparatory Steps Before Screw Removal

Like with most hardware modification or maintenance processes, there are some cautionary steps to consider when learning how to remove a stripped screw on a laptop. Shutting down your laptop, unplugging it from the power source, and removing the battery if possible, should be at the forefront of these measures. This ensures that the laptop and its internal components are not likely to suffer from electrical faults during the operation.

Next, attempts to remove the screw using a different screwdriver or applying more pressure (but not too much) can be explored. Finally, ensure your working area is as stable as possible to avoid an accidental drop or slip of the laptop or tools.

Extraction Methods for Stripped Screws

Using a Rubber Band

With a piece of a rubber band and a screwdriver, you can often get enough grip to remove a stripped screw. Here’s how:

1. Cut a small piece from a wide rubber band.
2. Place it over the stripped screw.
3. Apply some pressure and slowly try to turn the screw with the screwdriver.

This method is prevalently used due to its simplicity and availability of resources. However, it may not work if the screw head is too damaged or if the screw is too small.

Using a Screw Extractor

A screw extractor is a specialized tool designed specifically for the removal of broken or stripped screws. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Choose the right size of the screw extractor according to the stripped screw on your laptop.
2. Position the extractor in the screw and apply pressure while turning it counterclockwise.

A screw extractor may be best in situations where the stripped screw is more severely damaged.

Drilling a New Hole

An alternative and more extreme option if the previous methods fail is to drill a new hole. With a small drill bit, you drill into the center of the screw head. However, this method can be risky and should be a last resort after other methods have failed as it can cause damage to the laptop.

Post-Stripped Screw Removal: The Do’s and Don’ts

Understanding how to remove a stripped screw on a laptop isn’t enough; post-removal cleanup and actions are just as important. First, ensure to clean your laptop, especially the area around the stripped screw, from any metal shavings or debris from the screw removal drill.

Replace the stripped screw with a new one ensuring a perfect fit. Do not force the screw in. If it doesn’t fit well, you may strip it again or damage the threaded hole for the screw.


– Stripped screws, if not properly addressed, can damage your laptop.
– Always handle tools carefully when trying to remove a stripped screw.
– Different methods, such as using a rubber band or screw extractor, can be used depending on the severity of the stripped screw.
– Extreme methods such as drilling into the screw should be used as a last resort.
– Always clean your laptop after the screw removal operation.
– Replace the stripped screw properly, ensuring not to cause the same problem in the future.

Mastering how to remove a stripped screw on a laptop not only solves immediate problems but also extends the lifespan of your equipment by ensuring the various internal components are properly fastened and secured. Remember, the key to effective screw removal lies not in exerting more force but rather in understanding the problem and applying the right technique.