Step-by-Step Guide: How to Power Cycle a Wyze Camera for Troubleshooting Purposes

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Power cycling a Wyze camera refers to the process of turning off and on the camera to reset its internal system and resolve possible issues. This fundamental process in the world of smart home devices such as a Wyze camera, is remarkably important. It often provides an efficient, effective, and straightforward solution to certain technical problems that may arise with your device.

Understanding the Wyze Camera

Wyze cameras have emerged as popular options for home security due to their affordability and robust range of features. They are compact yet powerful devices equipped with high-definition video capabilities, audio recording, night vision, and the ability to send alerts to your smart device. What’s more, they connect via Wi-Fi and have the ability to record to an onboard microSD card.

Sometimes, like any tech gadget, the Wyze camera can experience technical hitches or minor glitches. When these issues arise, power cycling can serve as an effective troubleshooting step before reaching out to technical support.

Step-by-Step Guide on Power Cycling a Wyze Camera

Preparing for the Power Cycle

Before commencing the power cycle, it’s crucial to confirm that the Wyze Camera is in good working condition and connected to a stable power source.

Initiating the Power Cycle


Unplugging the Camera

To perform a power cycle, first, you need to remove the power source by unplugging the USB power cord from the camera’s back.


Timing the Process Correctly

Wait for about 10-20 seconds, allowing the system to rest and completely power down.


Plugging the Camera Back In

Next, reinsert the power cord and allow the camera to power back up. This typically takes around one minute.

Confirming the Power Cycle’s Success

The surest way to affirm that the power cycle was successful is a reboot indication on your camera. It may vary from one model to another, but generally, light changes, rotating or movement of the camera lens can be good signs. Additionally, check the camera’s functionality by testing some features like live streaming or alert settings.

Possible Reasons to Power Cycle a Wyze Camera

Power cycling is useful in resolving minor firmware glitches, troubleshooting connectivity issues, and enhancing camera performance. It can also serve as a regular maintenance measure, especially after a firmware update, to ensure that the camera functions optimally.

Precautions to Consider when Power Cycling

While power cycling can be a fast and reliable method to reset a Wyze camera, remember not to overdo it. Constant power cycling might wear out your device prematurely. Also, always protect your system from power surges. Keep an eye on the age and condition of your camera as some older models may behave differently or have different power cycling steps.


Understanding how to power cycle a Wyze camera is an easy yet critical skill for any smart gadget user. Follow these detailed steps whenever you suspect your device might be having any technical hitches before seeking professional help.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What happens if my Wyze camera does not work after power cycling?

If your Wyze camera does not function post power cycling, it might need additional troubleshooting or might be suffering from a major hardware or software issue. Reach out to Wyze technical support for further help.

How often should I power cycle my Wyze camera?

Power cycling should be done when you observe glitches, but it’s also acceptable as a part of regular maintenance, especially after firmware upgrades.

Can power cycling damage my Wyze camera?

No, it should not. Power cycling is a standard method used to reset a wide range of digital devices and is typically safe.

How long does it take to power cycle a Wyze camera?

The whole process only lasts about a couple minutes, including the waiting period.

Can I power cycle my Wyze Camera remotely?

No, you cannot power cycle your camera remotely as it involves physically disconnecting and reconnecting the camera’s power source.

Why won’t my Wyze camera turn on after power cycling?

If your Wyze camera doesn’t turn on after a power cycle, the power source might be faulty or the camera may have a more serious issue. Consult Wyze’s technical support in this case.

What should I do if power cycling doesn’t resolve the issue with my Wyze camera?

If power cycling doesn’t resolve the issue, the problem may be more serious. Consider troubleshooting further or contacting Wyze’s customer service for assistance.

Can power cycling restore a Wyze camera to its factory settings?

No, power cycling your Wyze camera will not reset it to factory settings. This option usually requires a specific reset process as described by the manufacturer.