Step-by-Step Guide: How to Play VOB Files on Your Computer and Mobile Devices

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In a world where technology and multimedia intersect, VOB (Video Object) files hold a significant status. A VOB file is the core file of DVD video discs and contains the actual movie data, including an MPEG-2 video stream and support audio (MP2, AC3, DTS etc.). You will commonly encounter VOB files when you are ripping a DVD or downloading movies from the internet. Despite its vast usefulness, playing VOB files can sometimes be a bother if you don’t have the appropriate software.

Understanding VOB Files

At its core, a VOB file is a container format in DVD-Video media. It can contain video, audio, subtitle, menu, and navigation contents multiplexed together into a stream form. This gives it a unique versatility since these files can store multiple forms of data.

However, the multi-faceted nature of VOB files also presents some limitations. Due to copyright protocols and protection systems, some commercial VOB files tend to be encrypted. Yet, the benefits of VOB files are noteworthy, ranging from high quality audio and video data to its compatibility with numerous devices.

Software Needed to Play VOB Files

Various software can play VOB files, with VLC Media Player, Windows Media Player and MPlayer being popular options. Downloading and installing these programs is straightforward; just visit their official websites, follow the provided links to download and then install as per the instructions.

It is worth noting that while most of these software can play VOB files, they differ in their user interfaces, additional features and support for other file formats, hence, influencing user preference.

How to Play VOB Files on Windows

Using any of the listed software, you can easily play your VOB files on Windows. All you need to do is open the player, navigate to the ‘Open File’ option and then choose your VOB file.

Windows users may face a common hexadecimal error when playing VOB files, but this can easily be solved by reinstalling Windows Media Player or trying an alternative software such as VLC, which has broad format support.

How to Play VOB Files on macOS

Similarly, you can play VOB files on macOS using software like VLC. After opening the software, select ‘Open File’ and navigate to your VOB file. macOS users may occasionally face compatibility issues, although reinstalling the software or trying a different player usually resolves this.

How to Play VOB Files on Mobile Devices

Playing VOB files on Android and iOS is simple with the right app. Both Google Play and App Store offer numerous media players that support VOB files. As with desktop devices, potential limitations when playing VOB files on mobile devices may arise, such as software compatibility issues or difficulties with encrypted files.

Converting VOB Files to Other Formats

At times, you may want to convert a VOB file to another format for broader compatibility, ease of sharing, or to save on storage space. Several tools can do this, like Freemake Video Converter and HandBrake, offering a versatile range of output formats.


In conclusion, playing VOB files doesn’t have to be a daunting task, regardless of whether you are using a Windows or macOS device, or Android and iOS mobile devices. With a reliable media player, you can enjoy your VOB video files in no time. So, why not find your favorite VOB file and start watching?


What are VOB files?

VOB stands for Video Object, and it is a file format used for storing DVD video content.

Why won’t my VOB file play?

Inability to play a VOB file can arise from a several reasons, such as lack of appropriate software, corrupted files, or the file’s encryption.

How can I convert a VOB file to another format?

There are numerous tools that can convert a VOB file to other formats. Some of these include Freemake Video Converter and HandBrake.

What software can I use to play a VOB file?

Many media players, including VLC Media Player, Windows Media Player, and MPlayer, can play VOB files.

Are there any free programs that can play VOB files?

Yes, there are numerous free options such as VLC, which is an open-source tool and available on various platforms.