Step-by-Step Guide: How to Play Soundcloud on Your Alexa Device

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In today’s digital landscape, playing music on smart speakers has become a regular activity for music lovers. This article aims to delve into one such subject: playing Soundcloud on Alexa. Due to Alexa’s impressive capabilities, streaming music using this line of smart speakers enhances the user’s audio experience, proving beneficial to both casual listeners and audio aficionados.

Overview of Alexa

What is Alexa?

Alexa, developed by Amazon, is an AI virtual assistant capable of voice interaction, performing tasks like setting alarms, producing real-time information, such as weather updates, and of course, playing music.

Capabilities of Alexa

Alexa’s abilities are extensive. From controlling smart home devices to placing orders on Amazon, reading audiobooks, and beyond. However, it is perhaps best known for its seamless music playing capabilities that allow users to tune into their favorite songs just by using their voice.

How Does Alexa Work?

Alexa works by listening for a set ‘wake word.’ Once it hears this word, Alexa starts recording your command and sends the recording to Amazon’s cloud-based processing system to interpret and respond.

Overview of Soundcloud

What is Soundcloud?

Soundcloud is an online audio distribution platform that enables users to upload, promote, and stream audio content. It’s a favorite among budding musicians who want to share their work and listeners looking for unique, diverse soundtracks.

Benefits and Features of Soundcloud

With Soundcloud, users get access to an extensive library of songs, podcasts, and other audio files, many of which are exclusive. It’s a platform that encourages independent artists, which also means listeners stand to discover fresh tunes and raw musical talent.

How is Soundcloud Mainly Used?

Soundcloud is primarily used for streaming audio, following favorite artists, discovering new music, and uploading personal creations.

Alexa and Soundcloud Integration

Pairing Alexa with Soundcloud contributes to an elevated music listening experience. Listen to your favorite tracks, discover new music, or upload your own, just by commanding Alexa.

Are there any Requirements?

Linking Soundcloud to Alexa requires a Soundcloud account. However, to access the entire library and features, a Soundcloud Go+ subscription is necessary.

Step-by-step Guide to Play SoundCloud on Alexa

Preparation and Requirements

You’ll need a device with Alexa, a Soundcloud account, and access to the Alexa app.

Linking Soundcloud and Alexa

Navigate to the Alexa app, find the menu, and select Settings. Scroll to Music & Podcasts, click “Link New Service, and select Soundcloud. Sign in with your account, and you’re set.

Playing SoundCloud on Alexa

With your account linked, command Alexa to play music from Soundcloud. For example Alexa, play [artist/track/playlist] from Soundcloud.

Unique Features and Commands for Alexa-Soundcloud Integration

Alexa can perform multiple commands with Soundcloud, like pausing, playing, skipping tracks, adjusting the volume, and more. Plus, you can navigate through your playlists using just your voice.


If you encounter issues with Soundcloud on Alexa, it’s often due to connection problems or an oversight during the setup process.

Step-by-step Solutions

Ensure your Soundcloud account is properly linked with Alexa in the app settings. If issues persist, try unlinking and relinking your accounts.


Playing Soundcloud on Alexa is straightforward and opens up a world of audio content. With just a few simple steps, you’ll have access to a vast number of tracks and podcasts, all under the control of your voice.


What is Alexa and Soundcloud?

Alexa is a virtual assistant developed by Amazon, while Soundcloud is an online audio distribution and streaming platform.

Are there any Charges when Linking Soundcloud to Alexa?

Linking Soundcloud to Alexa is free, but to access all of Soundcloud’s features, a Go+ subscription is required.

Can I Control the Volume, Skip Tracks and Pause with Alexa Commands on Soundcloud?

Yes, you can use voice commands like ‘Alexa, pause’, ‘Alexa, play next’ or ‘Alexa, turn up the volume’ on Soundcloud.

Can I Play my own Soundcloud Playlists or Browse Playlists on Soundcloud via Alexa?

Yes, once you’ve linked your accounts, you can use Alexa to control your Soundcloud playlists or to discover new ones.

How can I Solve if I Face any Issue while Playing Soundcloud on Alexa?

Ensure that your Soundcloud account is correctly linked to Alexa. If you still face issues, try unlinking and relinking your accounts. If the problem persists, consult the official help centers of Alexa and Soundcloud.