Step-by-Step Guide: How to Connect Your Shark Robot to a New WiFi Network

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Become the master of your cleaning regimen with the futuristic innovation— the Shark Robot. Evolved to solve our daily cleaning woes, this smart, domestic gadget, can ensure spotless floors without breaking a sweat. However, the real magic lies in its wireless functionality brought to life by connecting it to your wifi.

Connectivity to wifi enhances the Shark Robot’s functionality, making it a crucial path for harnessing the full potential of this AI-powered cleaning companion. By linking your Shark Robot to wifi, you can command your robotic cleaner right from your smartphone, scheduling cleans while sitting on your couch or from the other side of the world.

What you need before starting the process

Before embarking on this wireless journey, make sure you have the necessary gear. You will need the SharkClean app, which will act as your remote controller. A robust Wifi connection is also vital to ensure seamless communication between your Shark Robot and your device. Lastly, you’ll need your Shark Robot powered and ready to connect.

Step-by-step guide to connecting the Shark Robot to new wifi

Downloading and setting up the SharkClean app

The SharkClean App acts as a bridge between you and your Shark Robot, making it easy to command and control your cleaning assistant. You can find the application on Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS devices. Download and install the app. Then, register for an account or login using existing credentials.

Ensuring the Shark Robot is ready to connect

Before initiating a connection, ensure that your Shark Robot is switched on and is in pairing mode. The LEDs on the robot will usually flash or change in color to indicate that it’s ready for pairing.

Connecting the Shark Robot to wifi through the app

Launch the SharkClean app and navigate to the wifi settings. Enter your wifi credentials— the network’s password and SSID (the name of your wifi network). Confirm the details, and wait for the connection to establish.

Troubleshooting connection problems

If you face issues while connecting, revisit the wifi details for any potential errors. Restart both the Shark Robot and the app to resolve minor glitches. If all else fails, reach out to Shark Robot support for further assistance.

Benefits of Connecting Shark Robot to Wifi

Crowned with wifi connectivity, your Shark Robot is optimized for high performance. You can command the robot using your phone, making it easy to commence or halt clean-ups even in your absence. Scheduling future cleaning sessions also becomes effortless with the app. Furthermore, your robot can send you maintenance alerts and cleaning status updates, ensuring you’re always in the loop.


To tap into the cutting-edge functionality of your Shark Robot, connect it to your wifi network using these easy steps. A well-connected Shark Robot catalyzes smart cleaning while providing you with control and convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I connect my Shark Robot to wifi?

Connecting your Shark Robot to wifi enables remote control, scheduling abilities, and real-time updates enhancing your cleaning experience.

What if the app can’t find my Shark Robot during setup?

Ensure that your Shark Robot is in pairing mode and in range of your smartphone. If problems persist, restarting both the device and app usually helps.

I entered the correct wifi details, but my Shark Robot can’t connect. What should I do?

Recheck the wifi credentials. If the problem persists, restart the Shark Robot and your smartphone, then retry the connection process.

Can I connect the Shark Robot to multiple devices at the same time?

The Shark Robot can be controlled by multiple devices, however, not simultaneously.

Can I connect my Shark Robot to public wifi networks?

Shark Robot recommends using private wifi networks for enhanced security and stable connectivity.

What to do if your Shark Robot isn’t connecting to the SharkClean app?

Restarting your Shark Robot and the app usually resolves minor connectivity issues. If not, contact Shark Robot support.