Step-by-Step Guide: How to Charge Your Eufy Camera Efficiently

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Eufy camera, a prominent product in the smart home security camera niche, has transformed the way we secure our homes. These compact, smart and wireless cameras are laden with features that offer crisp, clear surveillance of your home or office. However, to keep your Eufy camera operational, you need to understand its charging needs, battery life, and how to efficiently use it. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to charge Eufy camera, extend its battery life, and troubleshoot charging issues, ensuring that you get maximum functionality out of your Eufy camera.

Understanding Eufy Camera and Its Battery Requirement

Features and specifications of Eufy camera

Eufy cameras offer live-view on-demand video with high-definition resolutions, smart detection zones, and two-way audio communication. These cameras offer night vision, IP67 weatherproof rating and are designed with a powerful battery that can last up to a year or even longer on standby mode.

Types of Eufy cameras and their specific battery requirements

Eufy offers a range of security cameras including Eufy One, Eufy 2C, 2C Pro, Cam 2, Cam 2 Pro, and Doorbell cameras. Each of these models has specific battery requirements and charging procedures which will be explained in more detail in the subsequent sections.

Importance of regularly charging Eufy camera

The frequency of charging depends on the specific camera model and its usage patterns. Regular charging ensures that your Eufy camera runs smoothly and continues offering high quality supervision for your security needs.

Steps to Charge Eufy One Camera

Necessary charging accessories

To charge your Eufy One Camera, you will need the USB power adapter and micro-USB cable included with the camera.

Using the Standard charging method

To begin charging, plug the micro-USB cable into the camera and then connect it to the power adapter which should be plugged into a working wall outlet.

Safety precautions during charging

Avoid charging your camera in extremely hot or cold environments to prevent battery damage or reduced performance.

Indications that the Eufy camera is fully charged

The camera’s LED light changes from red to blue once the battery is fully charged.

Steps to Charge Eufy 2C and 2C Pro Cameras

Identifying the right charging method for Eufy 2C and 2C Pro

These models feature a micro-USB port located on the rear of the camera for charging.

Necessary adapters or cords needed for charging

You’ll need to use the provided micro-USB cable and a compatible USB power adapter.

Process of plugging in and charging these models

After connecting the micro-USB cable to the camera and to the power adapter, plug the adapter into a power source.

Checking battery status of Eufy 2C and 2C Pro

The power status can be checked via the EufySecurity App. The LED light on the camera will also turn from red to blue when fully charged.

Steps to Charge Eufy Cam 2 and Cam 2 Pro

Understanding special charging requirements for these models

Eufy Cam 2 and Cam 2 Pro comes with an internal rechargeable battery and uses a micro-USB port for charging.

Tools and equipment required for charging

The micro-USB cable provided with the camera and a standard USB power adapter will be needed.

Charging process step by step

Simply connect the micro-USB cable to the camera and adapter, then plug it into a power source to start charging.

Confirming that Eufy Cam 2 and Cam 2 Pro are fully charged

The LED light on the camera should turn blue to confirm that the device is fully charged.

Steps to Charge Eufy Doorbell Cameras

Explanation of internal battery and charging process

The Eufy Doorbell camera has an inbuilt rechargeable battery that can be charged using the provided USB charging cable.

Tools and equipment required for charging

You will need the USB charging cable supplied with the Eufy Doorbell camera and a suitable power adapter.

Charging process step by step

Plug one end of the USB cable into the camera, and the other end into the adapter. Next, plug the adapter into a power source to commence charging.

Confirming that the Eufy Doorbell camera is fully charged

When the doorbell’s Status LED turns a steady blue, it signals that the doorbell camera is fully charged.

Tips for Extending Eufy Camera’s Battery Life

Frequent charging can wear down your Eufy camera’s battery over time, but by following these easy tips, you can extend your device’s battery life:

Appropriate charging habits

Avoid waiting until your camera’s battery is completely drained to charge it. Ideally, charge your camera when the battery falls below 20%.

Settings adjustments to conserve battery

Consider reducing the number of motion alerts and lowering the sensitivity setting in your Eufy Security App. These measures can significantly conserve your camera’s battery life.

Maintenance and care tips to improve battery life

Keep the camera clean and avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures to prolong its battery life.

Troubleshooting Charging Issues

Common charging problems and solutions

Should your Eufy camera not charge, check the cable, power outlet, and camera port. If all these are functioning well, it might be an issue with your camera’s battery.

When to reach out to Eufy support

If your Eufy camera still doesn’t charge after troubleshooting, contact Eufy support for further assistance.


Charging your Eufy camera properly is significant for optimal performance. It’s always important to charge the device using the recommended methods and cables to avoid damaging your Eufy camera. Remember to follow the various tips to extend your camera’s battery life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to fully charge a Eufy camera?

Most Eufy cameras take between 4 to 6 hours to fully charge.

Can I use other chargers to charge my Eufy camera?

No, it’s recommended to use the charger that came with your Eufy camera.

How will I know when my Eufy camera needs charging?

Your Eufy camera’s LED light or your EufySecurity App will give you low battery alerts.

How long does the battery last on a single charge?

Depending on the model and usage, the battery of a Eufy camera can last up to 365 days on a single charge.

What do I do if my Eufy camera won’t charge?

If your Eufy camera won’t charge, check the charger, cable, power source, and charging port. If the problem persists, contact Eufy’s customer service.

How frequently should I charge my Eufy camera?

This differs with usage, but you will typically need to charge your Eufy camera once every 4 to 6 months.

Can I use my Eufy camera while it’s charging?

Yes, you can use your Eufy camera while it’s charging.

Is it harmful to a battery to leave the Eufy camera on the charger after it’s fully charged?

For the best battery performance, it’s recommended to unplug the Eufy camera once it’s fully charged.