Step-by-Step Guide: Adding Contacts to Your Echo Show without a Smartphone

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Overview of Echo Show

Echo Show is an impressive piece of technology that blends fun and productivity. It’s one of the many creations by Amazon under the broader Echo brand, boasting a robust voice assistant, Alexa, to help you navigate the digital world with much more ease. Echo Show heavily leans on its vivid visual display to deliver content, thus taking the voice-only Alexa experience to a new level. You can watch videos, make video calls, read news briefs, cook along to recipe guides, control your smart home, and a host of other functionalities.

Significance of Contact List on Echo Show

Your Echo Show can be a hub of connectivity, and one key ingredient of this robust connection is your contact list. It is fundamentally your digital address book, housing phone numbers, addresses, and sometimes email addresses of friends, family, colleagues, and other important contacts. Whether you’re making a hands-free call or dropping in on other Echo devices, the contacts list facilitates an almost seamless interaction, merging the exciting world of smart home technology with the primal need for communication.

Necessary Preparations

Setting up Echo Show

Description of its physical attributes

Before demonstrating how to add contacts to your Echo show, let’s take a moment to understand the device’s physical attributes. Your Echo Show has an indicator light that serves as a visual representation of what it’s doing, such as processing, listening, or updating. The camera allows for video calls, and the touch screen serves for visual feedback and operation. The microphone allows for voice command input.

Powering on the Echo Show

To turn it on, connect the power adapter to Echo Show and the other end to the power outlet. The device will light up and present you with a cool, welcoming screen. The light signal thereby emitted is a reliable way to understand its status.

Connecting to Wi-Fi

During the initial setup, your Echo Show will prompt you to connect to Wi-Fi. Simply select your network and enter your password. An essential aspect to note is that the device needs to be within range of your router to establish and maintain strong connectivity.

Alexa App Setup

For an enriched experience, install the Alexa app on a separate computer. Simply visit the Amazon Alexa website, sign in with your Amazon account, and follow the prompts. This app will be pivotal in adding contacts to your Echo Show.

Adding Contacts to Echo Show

Logging into Amazon Account

For seamless operation, you need to log into your Amazon account on your Echo Show. Simply input your email address or phone number, followed by your password and click on the Sign In button.

Accessing the Alexa App

On your computer, navigate to the Alexa app and sign in. The layout is designed to be user-friendly, with clearly indicated menu icons for easy navigation.

Accessing Contacts

Understanding the Contacts Menu

In the Alexa app, the Contacts interface appears once you click on the Communicate tab. Herein, you will find handy options designed to manage your contacts.

Opening the Contact List

To view your contact list, click on the ‘Contacts’ button on the same ‘Communicate’ page. This button is at the upper-right corner.

Adding New Contact

Entering Contact Details

To add a new contact, click on the ‘+’ button near the top of the screen inside the ‘Contacts’ menu. You can then enter the contact’s name, number, and other details such as an email address.

Saving New Contact

Once done, click on the ‘Save’ button to confirm the details. The new contact will then be available both on your Echo Show and in the Alexa app.

Testing the Added Contact

Initiate a Call

To test the newly added contact, simply say, Alexa, call [Contact’s Name]. If all went well, Alexa should initiate the call.

Send a Message

You can also try sending a message. Just use the same format, i.e., Alexa, send a message to [Contact’s Name].

Troubleshooting any issues

Contact Not Appearing

If a newly added contact is not appearing, try refreshing your Contacts list on the Alexa app or restarting your Echo Show.

Unable to Connect a Call or Send a Message

If you’re having difficulty connecting a call or sending a message, check your Wi-Fi connection and ensure that your Echo Show is updated to the latest software.


Recap of the Contact Addition Process

Adding contacts to Echo Show is a straightforward process. Once you have your Alexa app set up and connected to your Amazon account, you simply need to utilize the app to add contacts to your list.

Importance of Regularly Updating Contacts

Keeping your Echo Show contacts updated means staying connected with people that matter. It’s more than just a technical process; it’s about bridging communication in a continuously evolving digital age.

Emphasizing Ease of Use

With Echo Show, adding contacts is easy, and making calls or sending messages is even easier. The real magic lies in how effortlessly it blends this ease of use with powerful and dynamic features.


Why can’t I log into my Amazon account on Echo Show?

Check your internet connection. If the problem persists, ensure you’re entering the correct email address or phone number and password.

Can I add contacts directly on Echo Show without using the Alexa app?

Currently, you can’t add contacts directly on the Echo Show without the Alexa app. The contacts you add via the Alexa app appear on your Echo Show.

Why isn’t my Echo Show making calls even after confirming the contact?

Restart your device and ensure your Echo Show is updated to the latest software. If the problem persists, contact Amazon support for further assistance.