Exploring the Best Features of the Starbucks App of the Week

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A Brief Overview of the Starbucks App

The Starbucks app is a very popular mobile application provided by the internationally recognised coffeehouse chain, Starbucks. The app offers a range of features designed to enhance the coffee buying and drinking experience for users. These include mobile ordering, digital payments, reward tracking, and more. Among these features is the intriguing ‘App of the Week’, which we will discuss in depth in this article.

Explanation of the ‘App of the Week’ Feature

Starbucks App of the Week is a unique feature that was designed to reward loyal customers and keep their experience fresh and interesting. Each week, Starbucks handpicks an app, game, or book from a diverse pool of high quality, engaging content and offers it for free download through their app.

The Evolution of the Starbucks’ App

Launch and Initial Features of the Starbucks’ App

Starbucks introduced its mobile app in 2011, initially as a digital wallet that allowed customers to pay for their purchases at any Starbucks store. Over time, the App has introduced more features including the Starbucks Reward program, digital tipping, mobile order and pay, as well as the unique App of the Week program.

Updates and Improvements Over the Years

Over the years, Starbucks has significantly updated and improved its app to provide a more user-friendly and immersive experience. The user interface has been developed to be more intuitive, while features such as Personal Dashboard, Stars for Everyone, and Summer Game, among others have been added. Additionally, the App of the Week feature has been fine-tuned to ensure customer satisfaction and engagement.

Understanding Starbucks ‘App of the Week’

Explanation of How ‘App of the Week’ Works

Starbucks’ App of the Week works rather straightforwardly. Each week, Starbucks hand-selects an application, game, or book that they think their customers will enjoy.

The Aim of This Feature

The primary aim of the App of the Week feature is to enhance customer engagement and generate additional value for Starbucks’ customers. It allows Starbucks to introduce customers to new and exciting apps that they might not come across otherwise.

Notable ‘Apps of the Week’

Discussing Some Notable Selections

Over the past few years, a multitude of exciting and top-tier apps have been selected as the ‘App of the Week.’ These include notable ones like Headspace, a popular mindfulness and meditation app and Angry Birds, a famous game franchise.

Limited-Time or Exclusive Features Offered

In several instances, these Apps of the Week have offered limited-time or exclusive features to Starbucks’ app users, further enhancing the customer experience and app engagement.

Benefits for App Developers and Starbucks

Exposure and Customer Reach for App Developers

By being featured as the Starbucks’ App of the Week, developers can reach a wider audience and gain more users, thus increasing their popularity.

Benefits for Starbucks

Alongside, the App of the Week feature also serves as a powerful method to drive customer engagement and retention for Starbucks. It helps in drawing customers to the app consistently, thereby maintaining a strong user base.

User Experiences

Customer Testimonies and Opinions about ‘App of the Week’

The Starbucks’ App of the Week feature has received substantial positive feedback from customers. Many users appreciate the gesture, stating that it adds to their general Starbucks experience.

Impact on Customer Engagement and Experience

Having a geared and excited customer base significantly boosts engagement, and increases brand loyalty – a win-win situation for both Starbucks and their customers.

Comparisons with Other Similar Initiatives

Drawing Comparisons with Similar Features

While several other companies also offer app features comparable to App of the Week, Starbucks stands out due to its consistent, quality selections and specific focus on enhancing customer experience.

Analysing the Effectiveness and Popularity

Due to the exceptional user-experience design and strategic marketing, ‘App of the Week’ is highly popular and frequently noted as a top feature by customers.

The Future of ‘App of the Week’

The Potential Future Based On Industry Trends

Following current industry trends, the Starbucks ‘App of the Week’ feature is likely to continue evolving with possibly more interactive and personalized offerings.

Possible Improvements or Changes

When looking at room for possible improvements or changes, Starbucks could consider user voting, suggesting users’ preferred apps for the following week, or introduction of apps from independent developers.


Recap of the Importance of ‘App of the Week’ to Starbucks and Its Customers

The Starbucks ‘App of the Week’ is a highly appreciated initiative, serving as a powerful tool for customer engagement and retention. It provides an added value to their loyal customers while also attracting new users.

Summary of the Insights and Findings

Through our exploration, we found that the Starbucks ‘App of the Week’ not only benefits Starbucks and its customers, but also provides a significant opportunity for app developers to reach a larger audience.


What is Starbucks ‘App of the Week’?

Starbucks ‘App of the Week’ is a weekly feature on the Starbucks app which provides users with a free app, game, or book chosen by Starbucks.

How can an app become Starbucks’s ‘App of the Week’?

The selection process for the ‘App of the Week’ remains undisclosed by Starbucks. However, it typically involves apps of high quality and engaging nature.

How has ‘App of the Week’ improved the user experience at Starbucks?

The ‘App of the Week’ feature has enhanced the overall user experience by offering valued content, thus increasing user engagement and satisfaction.

Has ‘App of the Week’ boosted the Starbucks app’s popularity?

While it’s difficult to quantify the direct impact, the ‘App of the Week’ likely contributes to the Starbucks app’s popularity due to its novelty and user appreciation.

What other similar initiatives by companies exist?

While other companies offer similar features like free app downloads, few match the consistency and quality offered by Starbucks ‘App of the Week.’