Troubleshooting Guide: What to Do When Your Spotify Shuffle is Not Working

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A. Brief Overview of Spotify

Spotify is a digital music, podcast, and video streaming service that offers a vast array of entertainment options to its users. Available around the globe, it has revolutionized the way people consume music and audio content, boasting a collection of millions of songs and other auditory treats to choose from.

B. Definition and Explanation of the Spotify Shuffle Feature

The shuffle feature in Spotify is designed to enhance the user experience by adding a touch of unpredictability to the listening experience. When activated, it randomly selects songs from your playlist, album, or chosen genre, providing a fresh, varied auditory journey each time.

C. Common Issues Reported with Spotify Shuffle

Despite its utility, many users have reported issues with the Spotify shuffle feature – specifically, the feature not working correctly. From repeating the same songs, ignoring certain tracks to not shuffling music at all, these are the common issues reported by Spotify users.

The Importance of the Shuffle Feature in Spotify

A. Advantages of Using Shuffle Mode

The shuffle mode adds a layer of surprise and personality to the listening experience. It can help discover forgotten gems in extensive personal playlists or evoke memories associated with randomly chosen individual tracks.

B. The Impact of Shuffle Not Working on User Experience

Users who rely heavily on their Daily Mix or like to switch between playlists often find the ‘spotify shuffle not working’ issue frustrating. This malfunction disrupts the intended randomly sequenced experience, often leading to repeated songs or, ironically, a predictable sequence.

Common Reasons for Spotify Shuffle Not Working

A. Technical Glitches

Temporary glitches caused by network issues, software bugs, or server-side problems can occasionally cause the Spotify shuffle to malfunction.

B. Software Updates

Some updates might introduce bugs that affect the shuffle feature’s operation. Additionally, running an outdated version of Spotify might also result in the shuffle not working properly.

C. Premium vs. Free Accounts

Spotify provides more playback control (including shuffling) to premium users than those using the free service. Hence, the shuffle limitations might often be misinterpreted as a malfunction, especially by free users.

How to Fix Spotify Shuffle Not Working on Desktop

A. Step-by-step Guide in Troubleshooting

If your shuffle isn’t working correctly on the desktop application, try restarting Spotify, rebooting your computer, or reinstalling the Spotify app. These actions fix most of the technical glitches.

B. How to Update Software

Check the Spotify website for the latest version and install it to ensure you have the updated app with all the bug fixes for shuffle errors.

C. When to Contact Spotify Customer Service

If simple troubleshooting and software updates don’t fix your issue, it might be necessary to contact Spotify customer service for detailed assistance.

How to Fix Spotify Shuffle Not Working on Android

A. Step-by-step Guide in Troubleshooting

Restart your Spotify app or device. If the problem persists, try reinstalling Spotify.

B. How to Update the App

Visit the Google Play Store, locate Spotify, and update to the latest version.

C. Clearing Cache and Data

Go to your device settings, find Spotify under Apps, and select Storage. From here, you can clear your cache or data.

D. When to Contact Spotify Customer Service

When none of the above solutions works, it’s time to reach out to Spotify customer service.

How to Fix Spotify Shuffle Not Working on iOS

A. Step-by-step Guide in Troubleshooting

You can restart your Spotify app, device or reinstall Spotify on your device to troubleshoot.

B. How to Update the App

Navigate to Apple’s App Store, find Spotify, and select Update.

C. Resetting Network Settings

Go to your iPhone’s settings, locate General, go to Reset and select Reset Network Settings.

D. When to Contact Spotify Customer Service

If none of the aforementioned methods work, get in touch with the Spotify customer service.

Alternative Methods to Deal with Spotify Shuffle Issues

A. Using Third Party Apps

Third-party apps like JQBX or Spotify Shuffle can help you shuffle your playlists better.

B. Manually Creating Shuffled Playlists

Another way is to manually create shuffled playlists. With intuitive drag and drop, you can order your songs randomly.

Protecting Your Spotify Experience

A. Keeping App Updated

Regular app updates ensure that you are protected from bugs and enjoy the latest features.

B. Regular Cache Clearance

Regularly clearing your cache helps keep the app running smoothly, which can help avoid ‘Spotify shuffle not working’ issues.

C. Regular Software Updates

Keeping your device’s software up-to-date can prevent compatibility issues with the Spotify app.


A. Brief Recap of the Article

In this article, we explored the Spotify shuffle feature, understood its importance, identified the reasons behind its common issues, and provided detailed solutions for the problem on different platforms. We also suggested alternative methods to deal with Spotify shuffle issues and gave tips to protect your Spotify experience.

B. Additional Tips and Resources

Stay up-to-date with Spotify’s Help Center for any new developments and fixes for its features.


A. Why is My Spotify Shuffle Not Working?

It could be due to technical glitches, outdated software, or misunderstanding the shuffle feature limitations of free accounts.

B. Is Spotify Shuffle Truly Random?

The exact algorithm Spotify uses for its shuffle functionality hasn’t been officially disclosed, but it is designed to create a randomized listening experience.

C. What’s the Difference Between Spotify Shuffle on Premium and Free Accounts?

Premium Spotify users have more control over their playback, including the shuffle feature, as compared to free users.

D. How Can I Contact Spotify Customer Service When Shuffle is Not Working?

Users can contact Spotify via their website, and they also have a dedicated section on their site for troubleshooting issues.

E. Can Spotify Shuffle Be Fixed Permanently?

While software updates and bug fixes can rectify this issue, considering the nature of software, there can never be a permanent fix for all issues.

F. Is There Any Third-Party App to Shuffle Spotify Playlists?

Yes, apps like JQBX or Spotify Shuffle can help you shuffle your playlists.

G. Why Does My Spotify Shuffle Play the Same Songs?

It might be a technical glitch, or potentially related to the Spotify algorithm favouring certain songs.

H. How Often Should I Update My Spotify App?

Ideally, you should update your Spotify app whenever a new version is released to ensure the best performance and avoid issues like ‘Spotify shuffle not working.’