Troubleshooting Spotify: Resolving Issues with Podcasts Not Updating

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Resolving Issue with Spotify Not Updating Podcasts

Hi everyone, this is Tracy with I’ve recently noticed an increasing number of queries about Spotify not updating podcasts. In this article, I’ll shed some light on why this problem may occur and how you can solve it.

Reasons Behind Spotify Not Updating Podcasts

The problem of Spotify not updating podcasts can occur due to several reasons. These include an outdated Spotify application, problems with Spotify servers, or the podcast creator not uploading a new episode. Additionally, the Spotify cache might be corrupt, which can cause such inconsistencies.

Fixing the Issue

Updating Spotify

If your Spotify application is outdated, updating it to the latest version may solve the issue. Ensure that your app is updated regularly.

Checking Spotify Servers

Spotify servers could also be causing the problem. Check Spotify’s server status on websites like Downdetector. If the servers are down, the issue will most likely rectify itself when they are back up and running.

Refreshing Your Feed

Consider refreshing your feed. This action can often trigger Spotify to update your podcasts.

Clearing Spotify Cache

Clearing the Spotify cache may also solve the issue. You can do this in the app settings. After clearing the cache, log back into the Spotify and check your podcasts.

Contact Tracy for Tech Help

If these solutions don’t seem to work and you still can’t update your Spotify podcasts, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at I’ll do my best to provide assistance and guidance on how to resolve your tech problem. Remember, complex tech issues can often have simple solutions!

Until next time, this is Tracy, turning tech troubles into tech triumphs!