Troubleshooting Screen Flickering on Windows 11: Essential Fixes

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Dealing with Screen Flickering in Windows 11

Having issues with screen flickering in Windows 11 can be significantly frustrating – it affects your workflow, your gaming experience, and even simple browsing. In this article, we will share some simple solutions to help fix this problem.

What Causes Screen Flickering in Windows 11?

The screen flickering problem may occur due to an outdated display driver or some compatibility issues between your current Windows Operating System and the hardware. Some programs might also interfere with the display leading to the flickering issue.

How to Fix Screen Flickering in Windows 11

Update Display Drivers

Your first step should be updating your display drivers. Outdated drivers often lead to such screen flickering issues.

Check for Incompatible Programs

Try to recognize if the screen flickering started after a new software installation. If so, uninstall it to resolve the issue.

Perform a Clean Boot

Performing a clean boot might help you determine if the problem is being caused by a third-party app or a problematic service.

Contact Microsoft Support

If all else fails, reach Microsoft Support to troubleshoot and fix your Windows 11 screen flickering issue.

Final Thoughts

Screen flickering can be a tricky issue to resolve, but it’s not impassable. In most cases, a simple driver update or a clean boot will do the trick. However, remember that issues like these underscore the importance of keeping your OS and drivers up to date, and having a reliable antivirus solution installed. As the wise proverb goes, prevention is better than cure!

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