As human beings, it is in our nature to be inquisitive about the unknown. In a quest to gratify the curiosity, we try to find ways to find out more about what is hidden from us. Social media is one such place where, while we get a lot of visual information, there is still a lot hidden from us.

How many times have you come across a profile on Instagram that was private, yet you craved to see more about that account? Alternatively, have you ever come across a situation where you wanted to have access to your child’s or your partner’s profile for any purpose?

Well, you do not have to despair anymore. You can easily view a private Instagram profile with a private Instagram viewer that you otherwise do not have access to. Since the private Instagram accounts content can only be accessed by the sanctioned followers, these private Instagram viewer apps or software bypass Instagram security protocols and allow you access to account content that is otherwise private. is one such private Instagram viewer website. Let’s look at what it is and how does it work.

What is is a site that allows you to see a private Instagram account on any device or operating system. With Watchinsta, you can not only see photos on private Instagram accounts, but you can also browse the private media and export it in .zip files. The website allows you to recover files and messages as well.

Watchinsta is a website that has integrated software that allows access to Instagram stories, pictures, and videos of private accounts and has not granted you access to the content on their account. Moreover, when you wish to view a private account, you do not even need to log in to your account.

It comes with proxy support that provides safety and enables you to stay undetected while browsing through the respective account. It is a very convenient feature indeed. Another positive feature of the website is that it is continuously wetted to incorporate new features and updates. Moreover, the website is also tested regularly so that it can be improved consistently.

How does it work?

Using Watchinta is fairly simple. You do not need to go through many technical steps or download any software on your operating system. The process is quite easy and hassle-free and involves just a few basic steps.

As a first step, when you enter the Watchinsta website, you will be provided access to the private profile viewer. You will be required to enter the requisite Insta username. Once you enter the correct username or profile URL, you will come across the choice of opting for what you want to see; pictures, videos, or text. You may choose any of the options or all of them as per your preference. Now click on the profile, and your desired private profile will be right there in front of you.

Whether it is to find important information, satisfy your curiosity, or any other reason, Watchinsta is an effective option to explore a private Instagram account.