How to Enable and Use Notepad++ Spell Check for Efficient Coding

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In today’s digitized world, Notepad++ has carved a niche for itself as a powerful text editor and source code editor. Its robust feature offerings range from syntax highlighting to multiple document view, and significantly, its handy spell-check feature. Spell checking in Notepad++, while seemingly minor, plays a tremendous role in professional writing and coding. It helps in checking and correcting errors that might inadvertently creep into your work. This article aims to provide an in-depth look at the spell-check functionality in Notepad++, its workings, and how to make the best use of it.

Importance of Spell-Check Feature

The spell-check feature within Notepad++ aids both professionals and beginners in various ways. For writers and editors, it serves as a useful tool in mitigating minor grammar and spelling errors, thereby improving overall readability. For coders, developers, or programmers, spell-check is vital for reducing syntax errors, such as spelling errors in variables, functions, or comments, which might lead to bugs in the code.

Origins of Notepad++ Spell-Check Feature

Integrating a spell-checking feature into a text editor is hardly a novel concept, and Notepad++ has offered this essential functionality for many years. Over these years, the feature has seen significant improvements and updates. It has evolved from a simple spell-checker to a more refined tool, combining features of word processors and programming IDE’s, offering the best of both worlds.

Working Mechanism of Notepad++ Spell-Check

At its core, the Notepad++ spell-check tool functions by comparing the words in the text with a pre-existing dictionary. The words that do not match any entry in the dictionary are highlighted as potentially incorrect spelling. This tool also allows customization, enabling users to add words into the dictionary, change the color of the highlighted misspellings and more.

How to Enable Spell-Check in Notepad++

Enabling the spell-check tool in Notepad++ is simple and straightforward. Firstly, you need to ensure that you have the correct plugin installed – the DSpellCheck plugin. Upon successfully installing the plugin, navigate to Plugins from the menu bar, then select DSpellCheck, and finally, click Spell Check Document Automatically. You should now have your spell-check feature activated.

How to Customize Spell-Check Settings in Notepad++

Yet another fantastic aspect of the Notepad++ spell-check tool is its customization capabilities. To access these, start similarly by navigating to Plugins from the menu bar, then to DSpellCheck, and finally clicking on Settings. Now, you can adjust the spell-check feature as per your needs, such as changing the language, adding new words to the dictionary or even selecting a different dictionary if required.

Common Issues and Solutions Associated with Notepad++ Spell-Check

Like any software, Notepad++ spell-check might sometimes act up. Common issues include not recognizing some words or crashing unexpectedly. Often these concerns can be addressed by checking if you’re running the most recent version of Notepad++ and DSpellCheck plugin, or resetting language preferences.

Comparing Notepad++ Spell-Check with Other Spell-Check Tools

When contrasted with other spell-check tools, Notepad++ generally stands out due to its versatility and customization options. However, it could lack in some areas such as not having grammar check or the requirement of manual plugin installation for activating spell-check.

Importance of Regular Updates to Spell-Check Feature

Keeping your Notepad++ spell-check feature updated is essential for best performance. Regular updates often provide bug fixes and improvements, ensuring that your workflow is not interrupted by unexpected issues.


In conclusion, the Notepad++ spell-check feature is an extremely valuable tool for any professional – writer or coder, offering essential spell checking capabilities in an easy-to-use and customizable format.


Q1: Is the Notepad++ spell-check tool available for free?

Yes, it is a free feature of Notepad++, although it requires a plugin called DSpellCheck to be installed.

Q2: How do I update my Notepad++ spell-check tool?

You can update the Notepad++ spell-check tool by updating the DSpellCheck plugin through the Plugin Admin in Notepad++.

Q3: Is the spell-check feature available in other programming text editors?

Yes, most text editors do provide this functionality although the steps to enable it might vary.

Q4: Can I add more words to the Notepad++ spell-check dictionary?

Absolutely! It lets you customize your dictionary by adding or removing words.

Q5: How do I troubleshoot the spell-check feature if it’s not working correctly?

If your spell-check isn’t working as expected, try ensuring you have installed the latest version of Notepad++ and the DSpellCheck plugin.