How to Take a Netflix Screenshot on Any Device: A Comprehensive Guide

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At present, almost everyone knows the term Netflix screenshot. For those unfamiliar, it is an efficient method of capturing an image from a series or movie on Netflix, much like taking a picture of your computer or mobile screen. This article presents a comprehensive guide on how to take a Netflix screenshot on any device, charting its history, its importance, the related policies, and a step-by-step guide on how to take one. Moreover, it will tackle troubleshooting common issues, explore third-party tools, and provide some tips and tricks.

History of Netflix Screenshots

In the initial stages of its release, Netflix was not screenshot-capable due to digital rights management. However, as Netflix evolved, the screenshot feature became available as a method of legally sharing favorite scenes or interesting moments of movies or series. While there are no significant advancements in the screenshot features over time, some devices or operating systems have complicated the process, triggering the development of several workaround methods.

Importance of Netflix Screenshots

Netflix screenshots hold significant importance, serving as a way to share a moment from your favorite shows or movies with others. Functions range from writing reviews, creating an engaging blog, posting on social media, creating memes, and much more. It is an accessible means to visually express opinions, thoughts, or experiences related to specific Netflix content.

Policies Regarding Netflix Screenshots

Netflix’s policies concerning screenshots are crucial to note. Technically, Netflix screenshooting is not prohibited; however, extensive use might infringe copyright laws. Essentially, captured content should not be used for commercial purposes; it is permitted for personal use or sharing with friends on social media.

How to Take a Netflix Screenshot on Different Devices

Taking screenshots from Netflix may differ based on the device used.


– Pause your movie or show at the desired moment.
– Press SHIFT + COMMAND + 4 on a Mac or the PRTSCN key on a PC.
– Select the specific area of the screen you want to capture and release.

Mobile Devices

– On iOS devices, press the Home and Power buttons. Simultaneously, on Android, hold the Power and Volume Down buttons.
– The screenshot will be found in the device’s photo gallery.

Other Platforms

As for tablets or smart TVs, the screenshot process may vary based on the device. Usually, a combination of buttons will work best, similar to mobile devices.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

If you encounter issues, such as a black screen or error messages while taking screenshots on Netflix, a few solutions include:

– Check if the device or system allows Netflix screenshots.
– Disable hardware acceleration on your browser.
– Use third-party apps.

Third-Party Tools for Netflix Screenshots

There exist third-party apps or tools for capturing Netflix screenshots, such as ShareX or Greenshot. These tools come in handy when built-in screenshot features fail. These tools have their pros; easy to use, multiple format options, but their cons must be noted; some might compromise system security.

Tips and Tricks

Ensure your device’s screen brightness is optimal before taking a Netflix screenshot to get high-quality images. Closed captions or subtitles can be turned on if you want them included in the screenshot.

Potential Future Developments

While hard to predict the evolution of Netflix screenshot features, considering Netflix’s continuous technological advancements, more user-friendly and flexible screenshotting options might surface in the future.


Taking Netflix screenshots is a useful and accessible method of expressing thoughts or opinions about Netflix content. Even though the process may differ depending on devices, with the provided guide and tips, the task should be effortless.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Can’t I Screenshot Netflix?

The primary cause is digital rights management, which for some devices or applications can restrict the screenshot function.

Is it Legal to Screenshot Netflix Content?

Yes, it is legal so long as it is used for personal use and not distributed commercially.

What Should I do if my Netflix Screenshot is Black?

This typically signals that your device or app is blocking screenshots; consider using a third-party app.

Does Netflix Know if you Screenshot?

No, Netflix does not receive notifications when a screenshot is taken.

Can You Screenshot Netflix on a Laptop?

Yes, you can, by simply hitting the PRTSCN key on PCs or SHIFT + COMMAND + 4 on Macs.

Are There Any Third-party Tools That Can Capture Netflix Screenshots?

Yes, several third-party tools like ShareX or Greenshot are available to aid in taking Netflix screenshots.