Navigating the Transition: LG TVs Discontinue Support for YouTube TV

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LG TV No Longer Supports YouTube TV: A Comprehensive Guide

In a surprising development within the realm of smart TVs and streaming media, it has emerged that LG TV no longer supports YouTube TV. This article provides an in-depth look at this dramatic shift, starting with a brief history of the relationship between LG and YouTube TV, and culminating in predictions for their future interactions.


The Issue of LG TV No Longer Supporting YouTube TV

The recent news has been somewhat of a shock to tech enthusiasts and smart TV owners alike: without warning, LG TVs seem to have stopped supporting YouTube TV, a popular app for cutting the cord and enjoying live TV via the internet.

A Brief History of LG TVs Supporting YouTube TV

LG and YouTube TV have enjoyed a cohesive partnership since YouTube TV’s introduction. The app quickly became a favourite among smart TV users, thanks to its seamless integration with LG’s webOS platform.

Understanding the Devices Involved

LG TVs and Smart Features

LG Electronics, a global leader in consumer electronics, manufactures smart TVs with built-in advanced features such as internet browsing and app support via its webOS platform. These features offer viewers an enhanced television experience by integrating internet-based content and traditional TV.

YouTube TV and its Offerings

As a subsidiary of Google, YouTube TV offers a subscription streaming service that includes live TV from 85+ broadcast, cable, and regional sports networks. With unlimited storage space, personal recommendations, and three simultaneous streams, it provides a compelling alternative to traditional cable.

The Partnership Between LG and YouTube TV

Duration of LG TVs Supporting YouTube TV

From the time YouTube TV was launched in 2017, LG TVs have supported and provided YouTube TV to their consumers. This partnership allowed users to truncate the need for external devices or additional hardware.

How the Support Functioned Previously

Previously, YouTube TV was available as a pre-installed app in LG’s webOS, which made it tremendously easy for users to access—almost as straightforward as switching the channels on a regular TV.

Consumer Benefits From This Partnership

Both LG TV and YouTube TV users gained irrefutable benefits from this partnership. It provided a seamless and integrated viewing experience, with less hardware, less clutter, and straightforward operation.

Announcement of LG TVs No Longer Supporting YouTube TV

Announcement Details

In early 2021, LG users began reporting that the YouTube TV app disappeared from their device’s app view, and that they were unable to reinstall it. It soon emerged that LG had stopped supporting the app, leaving users in the lurch.

Affected LG TV Models and Versions

This change primarily affects LG smart TVs with the webOS platform. Specific models and versions that are affected remain unconfirmed, but it is clear that a significant number of users have encountered this issue.

Reasons for LG TVs No Longer Supporting YouTube TV

Official Statements or Speculated Reasons

Official statements have been few and far between, contributing to user confusion. Speculation suggests potential disagreements between LG and Google. Tactics in gaining market leverage in the competitive world of television streaming services might be at play.

Prior Issues or Disagreements Between LG and YouTube TV

Within the industry, rumblings of increasing tension between big tech companies and TV manufacturers have persisted. With a growing trend of smart TVs launching their streaming services, prior partnerships are under reconsideration.

Implications of LG TVs No Longer Supporting YouTube TV

Impact on Current Owners

This could spell inconvenience for LG TV owners who count on YouTube TV for their viewing habits. They must now reconfigure their setup, adding another device such as a streaming stick or set-top box to access YouTube TV.

Potential Loss of Customers or Decline in Sales

This move could potentially lead to a loss of customers for both LG TVs and YouTube TV, as customers may switch to other brands or platforms that offer more straightforward access to their preferred streaming content.

Impact on Market Competition

This development serves as a reminder of the intense competition in the smart TV and streaming media industry. It has the potential to rearrange market share as users adapt to these changes.

Possible Solutions or Workarounds for Users

Continuing to Watch YouTube TV on LG TVs

Users can still stream YouTube TV on their LG TVs using external hardware like Google Chromecast, Roku, or Amazon Fire Stick. Another alternative is to cast YouTube TV from a phone or tablet directly to the TV.

Alternative Applications or Devices to Watch YouTube TV

Users can consider switching to other devices that support YouTube TV, such as streaming boxes or brick-and-mortar cable companies that still offer traditional services coupled with streaming options.


Recap and Impact

In conclusion, the fact that LG TV no longer supports YouTube TV has ushered in major changes for both companies and left consumers navigating their viewing habits.

Predictions for Future Relationship

LinkedIn LG TVs and YouTube TV may seem strained at the moment, but it isn’t uncommon for these sorts of relationships to have ebbs and flows in the dynamically ever-changing world of tech. Solutions may emerge, allowing the two to collaborate once again.

Final Thoughts and Advice for Users

Smart TV users should always consider their priority apps before purchasing, as the digital landscape continues to shift. Being flexible and adaptable is key, as the wheel turns and quality content becomes a major player in choosing the right platform.


Information about this topic has been gathered from trustworthy sources including company websites, public announcements, tech blogs and forums, and direct correspondence with affected users.