How to Efficiently Use Multiple Inboxes in Gmail

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Mastering Multiple Inboxes in Gmail

Hi, I’m Tracy, and today I’ll walk you through managing your multiple inboxes in Gmail with ease.

What are Multiple Inboxes in Gmail?

Multiple inboxes in Gmail is a feature that allows you to customise your email workspace according to your needs. It enables you to separate your email inbox into different sections based on categories, labels, or search queries. This can substantially boost your productivity by allowing you to prioritize your tasks and emails.

How to Set Up Multiple Inboxes in Gmail

Step 1: Enable the Feature

To turn on the multiple inboxes feature, click on the settings icon in the top right corner of your Gmail account. Then, navigate to Settings -> Inbox -> Inbox type and select Multiple Inboxes.

Step 2: Customize Your Inboxes

After enabling the feature, additional settings will appear. You can customize your inboxes by using search operators to indicate what emails you would like to appear in each section. For example, you can set one inbox to contain all your starred emails and another to contain all unread emails.

Step 3: Arrange Your Inboxes

Lastly, arrange your inboxes in a way that suits your working style. Choose whether you want the new sections to appear above or below the main inbox.


Customizing your workspace with multiple inboxes in Gmail is an excellent way to increase your productivity and improve your email management. Start leveraging this feature today!

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Note: Always remember, different search operators can be used to set rules for what emails appear in each section.


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