Free streaming sites like YouTube have become a staple in home entertainment for the considerable masses. One only needs to look at the downfall of Blockbuster movies and other large hard disc format paid movie brick and mortar stores. These store were once known as VCR tape places although they transitioned into compact discs quite well. However, like many things that preceded the internet both large and small, these store were obliterated by the internet generation and free movie streaming. In addition to the death of these stores, music and movie companies have also felt the stinging whip of progress. Now through some free movies streaming sites, such as 123movies, people can view movies from their cell phones and any other digital device that they have available to view digital content.


In their infancy, these sites were a mere novelty rife with unedited and poorly created content, but now they are a completely different entity altogether. These sites will eventually allow people to cut the cord so to speak from the very high costs of having cable or satellite in homes or even businesses. However, currently there some drawbacks like resistance from certain artists and film organizations and conglomerates. Additionally, many free sites become pay sites eventually or at least offer a premium paid service. Now the sites provide a serious service by providing information as a critical form of content versus just movies. Many people utilize these sites for research and how to videos that have been posted by professionals and even small businesses and corporations themselves to help their customers use their products.


Let’s take Hulu for example. This site started as a method of watching older movies for content along with television content that featured fairly recent showings. Eventually, this turned into a Hulu plus system that charges for television content as well as some common releases that most of the free sites carry when they are made available to these outlets after theater viewing has ceased. Now, Hulu directs all of their efforts to recruiting clientele for their paid service only. Consequently, the site has little resemblance to the pioneering free paid site it once was before it featured a tiered service. Because of this, the site has faded from the prominence it once had because behemoths of the industry like Netflix have made this site a virtually unknown entity in the free movie streaming world by continuing their robust free tier unlike Hulu.


Netflix remains the king, when it comes to services offering to watch movies online, because of its responsive service. In relation to some of the alternatives, Netflix is still a very economical service with their top tier ranging not over $12. Netflix is not a free streaming service, but when compared to all the services they offer, a subscription for an individual can be as little as seven dollars. This value along with their comprehensive service has made Netflix a norm in many households. Since Netflix also offers original movies and television series, they are seriously competing with the cable companies for dominance. Netflix and to a lesser extent Amazon are the future of free movie streaming.