Mastering the Technique: How to Record Gaming Videos for YouTube Like a Pro

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Recording gaming videos for YouTube has become increasingly popular, and for good reason. Sharing your gaming experiences, offering commentary, and even creating tutorial videos can be excellent ways to reach an audience and hone your video production skills. In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of recording gaming videos for YouTube, the benefits of knowing how to record gaming videos, and provide a comprehensive guide on how to create captivating and well-produced content.


A. Recommended equipment for recording gaming videos

1. Camera: Generally, a webcam or a dedicated camera with at least 1080p recording capability is ideal. Options include the Logitech C920 or even a DSLR camera, such as the Canon EOS Rebel T6i.
2. Microphone: A high-quality microphone is essential – choose a condenser microphone like the Blue Yeti or Shure SM7B for better sound quality.
3. Computer: A powerful desktop or laptop with a dedicated graphics card is important for smooth gameplay and video recording. A Windows PC or MacBook with at least an Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB of RAM is a good starting point.
4. Game capture card: Console gamers should use a game capture card, such as an Elgato HD60S or AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable, for high-quality game recording.
5. Editing software: Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, or DaVinci Resolve are great choices for professional-level video editing, whereas Camtasia or Filmora can be used for simpler, more beginner-friendly editing.


A. Best screen settings to use for gaming videos

1. Resolution: For a clear and crisp display, aim to record at 1080p or higher, with 4K offering the best visuals for viewers, if your gaming device and internet connection allow for it.
2. Frame rate: Aim for a minimum of 30 frames per second (fps), with 60 fps being ideal for fast-paced games.
3. Aspect ratio: Maintain a widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio to cater to modern screens and video platforms.

B. Audio settings to consider

1. Microphone settings: Take the time to set up your microphone correctly, testing for optimal volume levels and minimal background noise or echo.
2. Sound effects: Incorporate appropriate sound effects and music to enhance your content, while also ensuring game audio levels do not overpower your voice commentary.


A. How to prepare for your recording

1. Set up your gaming area: Ensure your space is comfortable, well-lit, and relatively quiet to support optimal recording conditions.
2. Prepare talking points: Plan your commentary ahead of time to avoid long stretches of silence or off-topic ramblings.
3. Create a video outline: Organize your content and desired talking points to establish a natural flow throughout the video and to maintain viewer engagement.

Recording Process

A. Starting the recording

1. Open your chosen recording software and configure the settings to match the previously mentioned resolutions, frame rates, and aspect ratios.
2. Adjust your microphone settings for clear and distinct audio.
3. Begin recording both your gameplay footage and webcam, if applicable.
4. Perform a test recording to ensure proper functionality and adjust settings as needed.

B. Tips for better recording

1. Keep a steady hand: If using a handheld camera, be mindful of shaking and consider using a tripod or gimbal for stabilization.
2. Choose appropriate lighting: Illuminate your face, and avoid backlighting that can cast shadows or make you difficult to see on camera.
3. Manage background noise: Close windows, turn off fans or air conditioners, and record during quieter times to minimize distracting noises.


A. The importance of editing

Editing is crucial to polishing and refining your content, ensuring your gaming video is engaging, professional-looking, and enjoyable for your audience.

B. How to edit gaming videos

1. Know what to include: Keep the most interesting and relevant parts of your gameplay to sustain viewer engagement.
2. Know what to cut out: Remove any irrelevant content, mistakes, or repetitiveness that may bore your audience.

Final Tips

A. Tips for success on YouTube

– Be consistent with your uploads.
– Network with other YouTubers and engage with your audience.
– Optimize your video titles, descriptions, and tags for search.
– Share your content on social media platforms to increase visibility.

B. Advice from successful Gaming YouTubers

– Be authentic in your commentary and gameplay.
– Pay attention to video production quality.
– Listen to constructive feedback from your viewers and adapt accordingly.


In summary, knowing how to record gaming videos for YouTube can be an engaging and rewarding way to share your gaming experiences with others while developing your video production skills. By equipping yourself with the right gear, settings, and techniques, you’ll be well on your way to producing captivating content for your channel. With dedication and persistence, success on YouTube is within reach.


1. What kind of games should I record for YouTube?

Choose games that you enjoy and can produce engaging content around, considering popular trends and audience interests as well.

2. Can I use copyrighted music in my gaming videos?

Be cautious about using copyrighted music, as it can lead to copyright claims or even video takedowns. Look for royalty-free music sources instead, like YouTube’s audio library or other online platforms.

3. What is a good video length for gaming videos on YouTube?

Video length can vary depending on the content you’re producing, but generally aim for 10-20 minutes for a standard gameplay video or 5-10 minutes for shorter, focused content like tutorials or highlights.

4. How do I grow my YouTube gaming channel?

To grow your channel, focus on creating high-quality, consistent content that resonates with your target audience. Be strategic with your video optimizations, engage with your viewers, and share your videos on other platforms.

5. How can I monetize my gaming videos on YouTube?

Monetization options can include ad revenue (once you meet YouTube’s Partner Program criteria), sponsored content, affiliate marketing, and even merchandise sales.

6. Should I livestream my gaming in addition to creating prerecorded videos?

Livestreaming can be an excellent way to connect with your audience in real-time, and may complement your prerecorded content, depending on your skills and preferences.

7. How do I avoid potential issues with advertising policies on YouTube gaming videos?

Ensure you know and adhere to YouTube’s advertising policies and community guidelines, avoiding profanity, violent or graphic content, and any hateful or discriminatory speech.