Mastering Home Tech: Your Step-By-Step Guide to Resetting a Feit Smart Bulb

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How to Reset Feit Smart Bulb: A Comprehensive Guide

Smart lighting has revolutionized home automation with Feit Electric leading the charge. Feit Smart Bulbs provide energy-efficient lighting solutions that can be controlled from anywhere using smartphones or smart devices. However, there may be times when a bulb misbehaves and needs resetting. *How to reset Feit Smart Bulb* is a commonly raised query among users. This article is a thorough guide to help users understand and competently reset their Feit Smart Bulbs.

I. Introduction

A. Brief Overview of Feit Smart Bulbs

Feit Smart Bulbs are WiFi-enabled bulbs that can be controlled using your smartphone, Alexa, or Google assistant. With features like scheduling, dimming, and color-changing, these bulbs offer a wide range of lighting customization options.

B. Importance and Reasons for Resetting Feit Smart Bulb

There could be times when your smart bulb doesn’t perform as expected. It might not respond to commands, fail to connect to the network, or malfunction in another way. Resetting the bulb can help resolve these issues and restore it to the factory settings.

C. Necessary Materials for Resetting the Bulb

The primary requisites for resetting the bulb are the Feit Electric App, a working smartphone, and your Feit Smart Bulb. Ensuring you have these ahead of time can make the process smoother.

II. Understanding the Feit App Configuration

A. Explanation of the Feit App Features

The Feit Electric App is a user-friendly interface that lets you control your Feit Smart Bulbs. Here, you can adjust brightness, set schedules, change colors, and even group multiple bulbs.

B. Details about Feit Bulb’s Compatibility with Various Devices

Feit Smart Bulbs are compatible with most smart devices. You can sync and control them using Alexa, Google Home, or via the Feit Electric App on iOS and Android devices.

III. Preparation Before Resetting

A. Steps to Ensure Safety Before Proceeding

First, ensure that the bulb is cool to touch. Next, if resetting via the app, ensure your smartphone is charged and connected to WiFi.

B. Checking the Viability of the Bulb

Before resetting, visually inspect your bulb for any physical damage or abnormalities. If none are found, proceed with the reset process.

C. Disconnecting the Bulb from Power Source Before Starting

Start by turning off the power supply to the bulb before disconnecting it. Then wait for 30 seconds before turning the power back on.

IV. Step-by-Step Guide to Reset Feit Smart Bulb

A. Initial Processes to Follow Before the Actual Reset

Start the Feit Electric App and head to the ‘Device settings’ page. Here, choose the ‘remove device’ option to clear the bulb’s old settings.

B. Discussing the Process of Resetting the Bulb

Once you’ve disconnected the bulb, start the power and wait till the bulb lights up. Now, switch the power off and on at two-second intervals about five times until the bulb flashes, indicating a successful reset.

C. Important Considerations During the Reset Process

Ensure the power is turned on and off at even intervals. Rushing or taking too long might result in unsuccessful reset.

V. Troubleshooting Common Issues while Resetting

A. List of Common Problems Faced During the Resetting Process

A common issue is the bulb failing to flash after five cycles of switching the power on and off. Another common problem is having trouble connecting to the network post-reset.

B. Practical Solutions to Tackle These Issues

Be patient and ensure that you follow the reset instructions accurately. For network issues, check your router’s connectivity or move closer to the access point.

C. Effective Tips to Prevent These Problems in Future Resets

Maintaining consistent power supply and ensuring your smartphone’s WiFi is stable and robust can prevent potential issues during the reset process.

VI. Reconnecting the Feit Smart Bulb to Your Network Device

A. Tutorial on How to Connect the Bulb to Your WiFi Network

Once the bulb is reset, open the Feit Electric App, click on ‘Add Device’, and select ‘Lighting devices’. Follow the prompted instructions to reconnect to your WiFi network.

B. Key Factors to Ensure Successful Connection After Reset

Make sure the bulb is within the range of your WiFi router. The network password must be accurately entered to avoid any connection errors.

VII. Conclusion

The process of resetting a Feit Smart Bulb aims at restoring its factory settings and resolving technical glitches. However, do remember that safety must always be prioritized during the reset process and troubleshooting.


A. Answering Common Questions Related to Resetting Feit Smart Bulb

Questions related to bulb specifications, troubleshooting, and resetting steps are answered in detail in this comprehensive guide.

B. Offering Additional Support and Resources for Bulb Resetting and Maintenance

Need more help? Check out the Feit Electric support page or reach out to their customer care for additional support on resetting and maintaining your Feit Smart Bulb.