Master the Art of Restarting: How to Restart HP Laptop with Keyboard Like a Pro

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Knowing how to restart your HP laptop using the keyboard can be an essential skill in various situations. It can save you time and effort and help you quickly troubleshoot issues or access specific settings on your device. This article will discuss the importance of knowing how to restart your HP laptop using a keyboard and provide a comprehensive guide on the different methods available to you.

Types of HP Laptops and possible key combinations for restarting

HP has a wide range of laptop models, and each may have its unique key combinations for restarting. However, some general methods apply to most models. Here are the primary HP laptop models and the possible key combinations for restarting them:

HP Pavilion

The HP Pavilion series is a popular line of consumer notebooks. Restarting these devices generally involves using the Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys or the Windows key + X shortcut.

HP Envy

The HP Envy series is a range of high-performance laptops offering sleek designs and powerful specifications. The same key combinations for HP Pavilion laptops typically apply to HP Envy laptops as well.

HP Spectre

The HP Spectre series is known for its ultra-thin design and powerful performance. Restarting a Spectre laptop can usually be done using Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys or the Windows key + X shortcut.

HP Omen

These gaming laptops come with powerful components and customizable designs. Like other HP laptops, you can generally restart an HP Omen device using Ctrl + Alt + Delete or Windows key + X.

HP Elitebook

The HP Elitebook series targets business users and offers several premium features. Restarting these devices can be achieved using the same key combinations as other HP laptops.

Pre-requisites for restarting an HP laptop with the keyboard

Before attempting to restart your HP laptop using your keyboard, ensure the following requirements are met:

Enabling keyboard function in BIOS (Basic Input/Output System)

BIOS is the first software your computer runs when you start it up. To enable your keyboard to restart your laptop, you may need to access the BIOS settings and activate the proper keyboard functions. Check the laptop’s user manual or HP’s official website for instructions on accessing BIOS and enabling keyboard functions.

Ensuring the laptop is updated with the latest software and drivers

Before you can use your keyboard to restart your HP laptop, it is crucial to ensure you have the latest software and drivers installed. Keeping your system updated can help avoid issues related to compatibility and performance.

Restarting the HP laptop using keyboard shortcuts

Several keyboard shortcuts are available to help you restart your HP laptop easily. The following methods can be used:

Using the Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys

Press and hold the Ctrl, Alt, and Delete keys simultaneously. It will open the Task Manager. From here, you can select the ‘Restart’ option in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

Using the Windows key + X shortcut

Press and hold the Windows key, then press X. This will open the Windows Quick Access menu. From the menu, click ‘Shut down or sign out,’ followed by ‘Restart.’

Using the Alt + F4 keys

Press and hold the Alt key, then press F4. This will open the ‘Shut Down Windows’ dialog box. Here, choose the ‘Restart’ option and click ‘OK.’

Creating a custom keyboard shortcut for restarting

If the default keyboard shortcuts do not work for you or you prefer a personalized key combination, you can create a custom shortcut by following these steps:

1. Create a shortcut on the Desktop: Right-click on an empty space on your desktop, then go to ‘New’ and select ‘Shortcut.’ In the textbox that appears, enter ‘shutdown.exe -r -t 00’ (without the quotes) and click ‘Next.’ Give your new shortcut a name, such as ‘Restart.’

2. Assign a keyboard key combination to this shortcut: Right-click on the newly created shortcut and select ‘Properties.’ In the ‘Shortcut’ tab, click on the ‘Shortcut key’ field and press your desired key combination. Click ‘OK’ to confirm your selection.

Restarting the HP laptop using Command Prompt or PowerShell

You can also restart your HP laptop using the Command Prompt or PowerShell. Follow the steps below:

Opening Command Prompt or PowerShell

Press the Windows key, type ‘cmd’ or ‘powershell’ (without the quotes) in the search box, and press Enter to open the program.

Entering the restart command

In the Command Prompt or PowerShell window, type ‘shutdown /r /t 0’ (without the quotes) and press Enter.

Rebooting the laptop using the entered command

This command will immediately shut down and restart your HP laptop.

Troubleshooting issues related to restarting HP laptop with keyboard

If you encounter any issues while trying to restart your HP laptop using the keyboard, you can try the following solutions:

Dealing with unresponsive keyboard keys

First, try using compressed air to clean any debris that might be lodged beneath the keys. If the issue persists, it may be necessary to replace your laptop’s keyboard or seek help from a professional technician.

Resetting keyboard settings

If your laptop’s keyboard settings have been altered, you can restore them to factory defaults by accessing the Control Panel or Windows Settings and navigating to the Keyboard settings.

Updating or reinstalling keyboard drivers

Improperly installed or outdated keyboard drivers can cause issues with your laptop’s keyboard. You can try updating your keyboard drivers or reinstalling them to resolve the problem.

Contacting HP Support for assistance

If you are still facing problems with restarting your HP laptop using the keyboard, consider contacting HP Support for assistance. HP Support can provide guidance and troubleshooting tips to resolve any issues you may encounter.


Your ability to restart an HP laptop using the keyboard can be crucial in various situations. By following this comprehensive guide, you can easily reboot your laptop using the provided keyboard shortcuts, custom shortcuts, or command prompt methods. Practicing and mastering these methods will help you troubleshoot your laptop with speed and efficiency.


1. Can I restart my HP laptop using a USB keyboard?
Yes, you can use a USB keyboard to restart your HP laptop by pressing the necessary key combinations or following the outlined steps above.

2. Which key do I press to restart my HP laptop?
There isn’t one specific key to restart, but several keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl + Alt + Delete, Windows key + X, or Alt + F4.

3. How do I access the BIOS on my HP laptop?
Usually, you press the F10 or Esc key repeatedly during startup to access the BIOS on HP laptops. However, it’s best to consult your laptop’s user manual or the HP website for specific instructions.

4. Can I create custom key combinations for other functions aside from restarting?
Yes, you can create custom keyboard shortcuts for various functions by following similar steps to creating a restart shortcut.

5. How do I update my keyboard drivers on an HP laptop?
You can update your keyboard drivers by going to Device Manager, right-clicking your keyboard, and selecting ‘Update Driver.’

6. What should I do if my HP laptop doesn’t turn on after restarting with the keyboard?
Try using a different method to restart, such as the power button. If the issue persists, contact HP Support for assistance.

7. Can I use the same keyboard shortcuts to restart other models of laptops?
Yes, the keyboard shortcuts mentioned in this article can work on other laptop models as well. However, it’s always best to check your specific device’s user manual or the manufacturer’s website for details.