Master the Art of Enjoying SoundCloud on Google Home: A Step-by-Step Guide

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How to Play Soundcloud on Google Home

Numerous tech advancements and digital novelties have allowed us to bring entertainment home. Powerful compact gadgets like Google Home and music streaming platforms such as SoundCloud take this experience to another level. This guide explores **how to play Soundcloud on Google Home**, offering you the seamless combination of voice commands and Soundcloud’s extensive music inventory.


Brief Overview of Google Home and Soundcloud

Starting with Google Home, it’s a fascinating device functioning under voice-recognition technology. It allows you to play music, get news updates, set alarms, perform Google Search queries, and manage other smart devices, all with simple speech instructions. Not to mention the fact that the Google Home device creates a convenient hands-free environment.

Soundcloud, on the other hand, is one of the world’s leading music and podcast streaming platforms. With its millions of tracks from global artists and up-and-coming bands, Soundcloud caters to a variety of musical tastes.

Compatibility of the Two Platforms

Google Home and Soundcloud are highly compatible, affording users the chance to combine powerful voice command with rich music libraries. It’s a match destined for optimal enjoyment.

Setting up your Google Home

Unboxing and Setting up your Google Home Device

Connection to Wi-Fi

Once you’ve unboxed your Google Home device, ensure you connect it to a Wi-Fi network. Plug your device into a power source, wait till it boots up, and then open the Google Home app on your smartphone.

Installation and Setup Using the Google Home App

After opening the Google Home app, sign in with your Google account and follow the on-screen instructions to connect your device to your Wi-Fi network.

Setting Up Your Sound Preferences

Under the ‘More Settings’ option in the Google Home app, click ‘Music’, choose your preferred music service, and set it as your default option. If you don’t find Soundcloud in the list, it means the app is yet to be supported directly.

Setting up your Soundcloud Account

Creation of a New Soundcloud Account

Visit the Soundcloud website or download the app and follow the instructions to register an account.

Connecting the Soundcloud Account to Google Home

Linking the Soundcloud Account in the Google Home App

As already mentioned, Google Home does not directly support Soundcloud, but you can connect the two platforms through Bluetooth.

Setting Soundcloud as a Default Music Service

While this isn’t a viable option due to direct support issues, it can be circumvented by primarily playing music from Soundcloud over Bluetooth.

Playing Music from Soundcloud on Google Home

Basic Voice Commands for Playing Music

You can use simple voice commands like ‘Play’, ‘Pause’, ‘Skip’, or ‘Repeat’ to control the music.

Starting and Stopping Music

To command Google Home to start or stop the music, say, Okay Google, play music on Soundcloud or Okay Google, stop.

Skipping and Repeating Songs

To skip or repeat tracks, use commands like, Okay Google, skip this song or Okay Google, repeat.

Searching for Specific Music on Soundcloud

Although the search function doesn’t work directly from Google Home due to compatibility issues, you can search on your phone and stream the music to Google Home.

Searching by Artist Name or Album/Song Title

You can use the Soundcloud app on your smartphone to search for specific music or artists and then play them on your Google Home device via Bluetooth.

Creating Playlists on Soundcloud for Google Home

How to Create a Playlist on Soundcloud

Simply go to the track you want to include in your playlist. Click the ‘Add to playlist’ button, and then ‘Create a new playlist’.

How to Request Google Home to Play your Soundcloud Playlist

Sadly, Google Home cannot directly play your Soundcloud playlist due to incompatibility issues. However, use your Soundcloud app to start playing your preferred playlist, and the music will stream to your Google Home device via Bluetooth.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Addressing Connection Issues

Double-check your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections if you encounter any issues. A quick reboot of your Google Home device might also do the trick.

Solving Voice-Command Misunderstanding Issues

Ensure your command is clear and unambiguous. Google Home can only perform simple play, pause, or skip functions with Soundcloud over Bluetooth.

Actions When Soundcloud is Not Playing on Google Home

Reconnecting your Google Home with the Soundcloud app or resetting the connections might come in handy when Soundcloud refuses to play on Google Home.


Recap of the Main Steps to Play Soundcloud on Google Home

While it’s true that Google Home doesn’t offer direct support for Soundcloud, you can cleverly employ Bluetooth to create an exciting musical experience. It’s as simple as setting up your Google Home device, creating a Soundcloud account, establishing a Bluetooth connection, and controlling your music using voice commands.

Suggestions for Further Learning and Exploration

Continue exploring other ways to streamline your Google Home and Soundcloud experience. Remember, always enjoy your music responsibly and give new tracks and artists a chance to serenade you through your Google Home device.

In the voyage of music streaming and home automation, make the best use of how to play Soundcloud on Google Home guide. Happy listening!