Loot Gaming Shipping Schedule: When does loot gaming ship?

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Loot Gaming is a subscription-based service that offers mystery assortments of collectibles, clothing, and other gear specifically tailored for gamers. With exclusive and premium items featured in each box, knowing when Loot Gaming ships is essential for subscribers to plan on receiving their much-anticipated monthly treats. In this article, we will discuss the shipping dates for Loot Gaming, the benefits of being informed about these dates, and what to do if your Loot Gaming package doesn’t arrive on time.

When Does Loot Gaming Ship

Explanation of the Shipping Dates

Typically, Loot Gaming boxes are shipped between the 20th and 28th of each month, depending on the specific subscription plan you’ve selected. The shipping process takes about 3-5 business days for domestic orders, with international orders expected to take around 10-20 business days. It’s essential to know these shipping dates to manage your expectations and anticipate your Loot Gaming package’s arrival.

Importance of Knowing the Shipping Dates

When you’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of your Loot Gaming box, knowing the shipping dates helps you plan accordingly and alleviates any confusion or uncertainty. Being aware of the shipping timeline allows you to arrange for someone to receive the package in case you’re not home or plan your unboxing experience with friends or on your gaming channel.

How to Find the Shipping Dates

To stay informed about the shipping dates of your Loot Gaming subscription, make sure to refer to the order confirmation email you receive when you initially subscribe or purchase the box. You can also view the shipping details on the official Loot Gaming website, where additional information, such as tracking numbers, may also be available once the shipping process commences.

Benefits of Knowing When Loot Gaming Ships

Avoiding Disappointment and Frustration

By staying informed about when Loot Gaming ships, you can significantly reduce disappointment and frustration related to uncertainty about your shipment’s status. Knowing the dates helps you curate an accurate timeline and prevents you from constantly checking your doorstep or obsessively looking for delivery updates.

Planning and Budgeting

Being aware of the shipping dates not only helps you plan for the arrival of your Loot Gaming box but also assists you in budgeting for the cost of the subscription. Knowing when your payment will be processed and your box will ship enables you to make any necessary financial adjustments to accommodate the subscription cost.

Receiving the Package Timely

Knowing the shipping timeline allows you to ensure that either you or someone you trust is available to receive the package when it arrives. This prevents potential theft or unwanted delays in enjoying the contents of your Loot Gaming subscription.

What to Do When Loot Gaming Doesn’t Arrive on Time

Contacting Customer Service

If your Loot Gaming package does not arrive within the expected timeframe, reach out to Loot Gaming’s customer service as soon as possible. Provide them with your order information to help them track your shipment and determine the cause of the delay.

Follow Up on the Package Status

Utilize the tracking number provided by Loot Gaming to monitor the package’s status continually. Keep a record of any updates or changes in tracking information to relay to customer service if needed.

Asking for Compensation

If your Loot Gaming package is significantly delayed or lost, request compensation from the company. They may provide you with a refund, account credit, or replacement box to rectify the situation.


Understanding when Loot Gaming ships is crucial for maximizing enjoyment, planning, and budgeting related to your subscription. Always stay informed about shipping dates to ensure a seamless and enjoyable Loot Gaming experience.

As a sneak peek, upcoming Loot Gaming boxes are set to feature exciting items from popular franchises such as Resident Evil, God of War, and more. Remember to verify the tentative shipping dates for these upcoming boxes to plan accordingly, and stay tuned for more exciting Loot Gaming unboxings!


When does Loot Gaming typically ship?

Loot Gaming usually ships between the 20th and 28th of each month.

How long does it take for a Loot Gaming box to arrive?

Domestic orders take around 3-5 business days, while international orders may take 10-20 business days.

Where can I find the shipping dates for my Loot Gaming box?

Check your order confirmation email or refer to the official Loot Gaming website for shipping details.

Why is it essential to know when Loot Gaming ships?

Knowing when Loot Gaming ships allows you to plan, budget, and anticipate the arrival of your package.

What should I do if my Loot Gaming box doesn’t arrive on time?

Contact Loot Gaming’s customer service, monitor your package’s tracking information, and request compensation if necessary.

Can I track my Loot Gaming shipment?

Yes, Loot Gaming typically provides a tracking number to monitor your shipment’s progress.

What is the shipping cost for Loot Gaming?

Shipping costs vary depending on your location and the specific subscription plan you’ve chosen. Check the Loot Gaming website for accurate pricing details.