How to Keep a Window on Top: Tips for Efficient Multitasking

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Keeping a Window on Top: A Simple Guide

Hi, I’m Tracy from and today we’re going to talk about a helpful trick in computer multitasking – keeping a window on top.

What does it mean to ‘keep window on top’?

The term keep window on top is a computer function that allows users to anchor a specific window to continuously display on the foreground of their screen, even while interacting with other applications. This is especially useful when you need to reference something continuously, such as reading data from a PDF while writing a report.

How to Keep a Window on Top

While some applications natively support an ‘Always on Top’ feature, many do not. Here, I will introduce you to general methods that can be used to achieve this function across various programs.

Windows Users

1. Download and install a third-party software such as AlwaysOnTop or DeskPins.
2. Once installed, open the software and click on the window you want to keep on top.

Mac Users

1. An application called Afloat can help keep any window on top. Simply download and install Afloat, then select the window you’d like to keep on your screen.

Remember to use these tools responsibly, and make sure to download any software from a trustworthy source to avoid any potential security risks.


Remember that the ‘keep window on top’ function can significantly enhance your multitasking and productivity, saving you from frequently switching between windows.

And that concludes our brief rundown on how to keep a window on top. Be sure to check out for more tech tips and tricks.

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