How to Keep Your External Monitor Active with a Closed Laptop on Windows 11

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How to Keep Your Monitor On When Your Laptop is Closed in Windows 11

Understanding the Need

Many users require a way to keep their monitors on when their laptop is closed, particularly when connecting to external displays, docking stations, or when using their laptops as pseudo-desktops. In Windows 11, this functionality is essential for those looking to maximize their productivity without the need for an open laptop. Here’s a practical guide to making that happen.

Step-by-Step Configuration

Keep your monitor on when your laptop lid is closed by tweaking a few settings in Windows 11.

Access Power Options

First, go to Windows 11 ‘Control Panel’. You can do this by searching for ‘Control Panel’ in your start menu or by using the ‘Run’ dialog (Win + R) and typing ‘control panel’. Once you’re in, look for the ‘Hardware and Sound’ settings.

Change What Closing the Lid Does

Within ‘Hardware and Sound’, select ‘Power Options’. Next to the current power plan, click on ‘Choose what closing the lid does’.

Adjust Settings

In the ‘System Settings’, you’ll find options for ‘When I close the lid’. Here, you can choose different actions for ‘On battery’ and ‘Plugged in’. To keep your monitor on, select ‘Do nothing’ from the dropdown menu for both options if you wish for this behavior regardless of power source.

Save Changes

After selecting ‘Do nothing’, don’t forget to click ‘Save changes’ to apply your new settings. Your laptop should now maintain output to your monitor even when the lid is closed.


By ensuring that Windows 11 does not go to sleep or hibernate when the laptop is closed, users can take advantage of a continuous workflow that may enhance productivity. Remember, having an always-on monitor setup can increase power consumption, so consider your laptop’s battery life when away from a power source.

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