A Step-by-Step Guide to Sharing Your WiFi Password from iPhone

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The ever-evolving world of technology has brought us to a point where our mobile devices can be used for more than just calls and texts. A perfect example of this is the facility to share WiFi passwords via iPhones. The importance of this feature can’t be overstated in a world that insists on staying courteously connected without placing undue demands on humans’ memory.

Evolution of WiFi password sharing on iPhones

Progress in iOS versions

Apple’s steady evolution of their iOS operating system over the years has seen the introduction of many user-friendly features. Among these is the addition of the practical WiFi password sharing feature introduced in iOS 11. With each subsequent iOS update, this feature has been fine-tuned to deliver a seamless performance that accentuates the versatility of the iPhone.

Development of the WiFi sharing feature

The WiFi password sharing feature started its journey as a basic functionality. Apple, known for turning the routine into something special, refined it over the years, adding a host of user-friendly facets. The feature today automates a series of steps, ensuring that WiFi access is granted to devices in proximity quickly and securely.

Prerequisites for sharing WiFi passwords through iPhones

Required iOS versions

To share a WiFi password from your iPhone, you’ll need to be running iOS 11 or later, while the recipient iPhone or iPad must be running on iOS 11 or later versions.

Necessary settings on the iPhone

Before starting the WiFi password sharing process, there are a few settings that need to be activated on both iPhones. These include turning on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and having each other’s Apple ID saved in Contacts.

Comprehensive guide on sharing WiFi passwords

Step-by-step process of sharing WiFi password

When sharing a WiFi password from an iPhone, follow these steps:
1. Ask the recipient to select the WiFi network they’d like to join.
2. On your iPhone, you’ll get a notification asking if you’d like to Share Your WiFi password.
3. Tap ‘Share Password,’ and the password will be sent to the recipient’s device.

How to accept the shared WiFi password on the recipient’s iPhone

On receiving the WiFi password, the recipient’s iPhone will automatically connect to the WiFi network. No need for manual entering of passwords.

Benefits of sharing WiFi passwords through iPhones


The ease and simplicity of sharing a WiFi password through iPhones take the headache out of remembering complex passwords. It allows users to provide access to their WiFi networks effortlessly.

Increased Security

Remember, your password isn’t displayed during the process, thereby ensuring security. It’s a method that combines convenience with security.

Cases when iPhone share WiFi password feature doesn’t work

Possible technical glitches

Though the WiFi password sharing feature mostly functions smoothly, there could be occasional exceptions, such as not getting the password sharing prompt.

Solutions to these problems

You can resolve it by ensuring both iPhones are running on iOS 11 or later, Bluetooth and WiFi are enabled, and Apple IDs are saved in the contact list.

Limitations of iPhone’s WiFi password sharing feature

Boundaries of the feature

Unfortunately, this feature doesn’t allow sharing a WiFi password with Android devices. It also requires both devices to be in close proximity to each other.

Scenarios where this feature might not be the best option to use

In scenarios where one must share the WiFi password with devices not running on iOS, or if the iPhones are not in close proximity, this feature may not be the most suitable option.

Comparison with methods offered by other mobile operating systems

Comparison with Android’s WiFi password sharing

Unlike iPhones, Android devices have the capacity to generate a QR code for WiFi sharing. However, this requires that the recipient’s device has a QR scanner.

Pros and cons of each method

While iPhones offer simplicity and security, they lack the versatility to share with non-iOS devices. Android, on the other hand, affords more flexibility with its QR code, but it’s a more complex process than the iPhones’.

Future improvements and updates expected in iPhone share wifi password feature

Changes to expect in upcoming iOS releases

As Apple continuos to refine its products, it’s expected that future iOS versions will see the development of more versatile sharing options, perhaps expanding compatibility beyond iOS devices.


Summary of the article

Sharing WiFi passwords through iPhones is a feature that exemplifies Apple’s commitment to user convenience and security. Despite minor limitations, it is a feature that is both practical and powerful.

Final Thoughts About the iPhone share wifi password feature

As we are increasingly reliant on staying connected, this feature offers a simple solution to a universal need, underlining why Apple’s products continue to stand out in a crowded market.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you share a WiFi password from iPhone to Android?

As of now, the WiFi password sharing feature is only iOS-compatible and does not support password sharing with Android devices.

Why can’t I share my WiFi password from my iPhone?

If you’re having trouble, check if both iPhones are running on iOS 11 or later and that Bluetooth and WiFi are turned on. Also, confirm that the recipients Apple ID is saved in your contacts.

How far can you share WiFi password from iPhone?

Both devices need to be within Bluetooth and WiFi range for the Wi-Fi password sharing feature to work.

Is sharing a WiFi password through iPhone secure?

Yes, the WiFi password sharing feature on iPhone is secure, as the password isn’t displayed during the process.

Can you share a WiFi password from one iPhone to another if they’re not in the same location?

No, both the iPhones need to be in the same area, close enough for the Bluetooth and WiFi to successfully connect.