A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Turn Off Read Receipts on Instagram

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In the digital world where communication has shifted to texting and messaging, features like read receipts have become a subject of frequent discussions. Read receipts are digital notifications that inform the sender that their message has been viewed or read by the recipient. These play an integral part in modern-day social media communication, providing a sense of acknowledgement and prompting further conversations.

Unpacking Instagram’s Read Receipt Feature

With regards to Instagram, the read receipts feature is most noticeable in direct messages or DMs, as well as in the story section. Instagram’s read receipts show when the recipient has opened and read the direct message sent by the sender. It also lets a user know who has viewed their story from their list of followers. As much as this feature promotes transparency, it also raises concerns over privacy and the nature of interaction among users.

Why Turning Off Read Receipts on Instagram is Beneficial

While read receipts present an avenue for accurate communication, it’s essentially like opening your doors and windows to your online ‘house’ for everyone to see what’s happening inside. Some users may prefer to keep their activity private – this is where turning off read receipts plays a vital role. Deactivating this feature can also promote a sense of ease for users as they can read messages or view stories in their own time without the pressure of immediate responses.

Navigating Through Instagram’s Direct Messages: How to Turn Off Read Receipts

Turning off read receipts for direct messages on Instagram is an imperative feature to understand. However, Instagram does not provide a direct setting to disable read receipts. Your best bet is to not open the message if you do not want the sender to know you have read it. You can view a portion of the message in your DM inbox without triggering the read receipt.

Restricting Read Receipts on Instagram’s Story Section

Similar to direct messages, Instagram does not provide a direct setting to disable read receipts for stories either. However, you can view stories without letting the user know by using third-party applications or methods like the airplane mode trick – as soon as you switch your device to airplane mode and disable any networking capabilities, Instagram can’t track what you are doing, and therefore won’t notify others that you have viewed their story.

Specific Considerations When Turning Off Read Receipts

When you decide to keep your activity private by refraining to trigger read receipts, it’s essential to consider the impact on your social interactions on Instagram. You might inadvertently create a sense of disconnect with others due to the change of interaction. Additionally, be aware that using third-party applications can involve risks such as data security concerns.

Impact of Turning Off Read Receipts on your Instagram Experience

Deciding to mask your activity from other Instagram users significantly shifts your Instagram experience. While it does enhance your privacy, it can also tamper with the level of mutual interaction that is fundamental to the core concept of social platforms. Similarly, it could potentially alter the dynamics of your conversations with regular dm correspondents.

Revisiting Privacy and Consent in Social Media Usage

Read receipts present an ethical dilemma in the sphere of digital communication. As a user, it should always be your choice to decide on the level of privacy you want. Respect for privacy is a critical aspect of using any social media platform, and users should feel empowered to manage their virtual communication as they deem fit.


Choosing whether or not to activate your read receipts on Instagram or any communication platform is entirely subjective and primarily depends on how an individual wishes to engage with others. While some prefer the transparency it brings, others view it as an invasion of privacy. Either way, it’s essential to understand both sides of the coin and make an informed decision tailored to your preference in online interaction.


What are Instagram read receipts?

Instagram read receipts are notifications that inform a user that their direct message has been read or that their story has been viewed by another user.

How can one know their message has been read if the read receipt is off?

Without read receipts, it’s challenging to determine whether or not a message has been read. Instead, you can look for signs of activity like replies or other forms of interaction.

Will others be informed when i turn off read receipts?

As of now, Instagram does not provide a feature to turn off read receipts. Only you, as the recipient, can control whether or not you open a message or a story thereby notifying the sender of your activity.

Can you switch on and off the read receipts on Instagram at any time?

Unlike other platforms, Instagram does not currently offer an option to toggle read receipts on or off.

What other features in Instagram can help enhance privacy?

Instagram offers several privacy features like setting your account to private, controlling who can see your stories, and managing options for comments on your posts.