Mastering the Removal of Dollar Signs in Google Sheets

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How to Remove Dollar Sign in Google Sheets

Hello, I am Tracy and today we’re going to learn about a simple but important Google Sheets skill: how to remove dollar sign in Google Sheets.

Step 1: Open the Document

Firstly, navigate to the Google Sheets document that has the dollar sign(s) that you want to remove. Your document will display on the page.

Step 2: Manage Formats

Select the cell(s) that contain the dollar sign. This could be one cell, a group of cells, a full column or the entire sheet. Once you have made your selection, click on ‘Format’ on the menu bar. A dropdown menu will appear.

Step 3: Adjust Number Formatting

From the dropdown menu, select ‘Number’. A side menu will appear that includes multiple options. Locate and select ‘Automatic’ or ‘Plain Text’ depending on your requirement.

This will remove the dollar sign and change the cell formatting. The cells will no longer be in currency format.

Step 4: Confirm Changes

Confirm that the changes have been applied and the dollar sign has been successfully removed by viewing your selected cells.

And, there you have it. With these simple steps, you have learned how to remove the dollar sign in Google sheets.

As a note of caution, bear in mind that changing the format to ‘Plain Text’ will remove all formatting including dates and percentages. So, if the cells you are working with contain such data, opt for ‘Automatic’ instead to retain these formats.

If you have any more questions on how to remove the dollar sign in Google Sheets or any other tech-related issues, feel free to contact me via my email I am here to make tech less intimidating and more approachable for all.

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Source: Google Sheets Support