A Complete Guide: How to Play iMessage Games on Your iPhone

Table of Contents

Introduction to iMessage Games

Exploring the Concept of iMessage Games

If you own an iPhone, chances are you have already explored the endless universe of apps and features. One such feature is iMessage Games, which allows you to play a range of engaging games directly within your iMessage app. They are specially designed mini-games that leverage the platform’s instant messaging capabilities while adding an element of interactive fun to your chatting experience.

Benefits and Advantages of iMessage Games

Engaging with iMessage Games not only adds an extra touch of entertainment to your mundane everyday messages but also offers a handy way to connect with friends and family. Fast, accessible, and user-friendly, they seamlessly blend into your chat experience, making it more interactive and dynamic.

Understanding iMessage Games

Tracing the Growth and Development of iMessage Games

Apple introduced iMessage Games with the release of iOS 10 in 2016. Since then, they have rapidly gained popularity, offering a realm of new experiences for users who enjoy multitasking and entertainment on the go.

How iMessage Games Work

Just like any other iMessage feature, games are embedded into your chat interface and can be launched with a single tap. They range from simple puzzles to multiplayer games that you can enjoy with friends, offering a versatile gaming experience that aligns with Apple’s ecosystem.

Various iMessage Games at Your Disposal

There are a myriad of games available on the iMessage platform to cater to different interests and preferences, from competition-oriented sports games to intellectually challenging trivia and quizzes.

How to Access iMessage Games

Opening the App Store in iMessage

To get started with iMessage Games, you need to first open your iMessage app and start a new conversation. Then, you’ll see an App Store icon in the chat bar. Tap on this icon to open the iMessage App Store.

Locating your Preferred Games

Once the App Store is open, you can explore the variety of games available. Either scroll through the list or use the search bar at the top to find a specific game.

Software Requirements and Updates

Ensure that your phone operates on iOS 10 or newer versions, as iMessage Games are not supported on older operating systems. Also, keep your software updated for smooth and uninterrupted gameplay.

Downloading iMessage Games

Choosing and Downloading a Game from iMessage App Store

Once you have located a game of your interest, tap ‘Get’ to start the downloading process. The game will then be embedded into your iMessage app, ready to be played during any conversation.

Potential Costs or Purchases

While many games are free to play, others may require in-app purchases or a download fee. It’s essential to check this information before downloading.

How to Play iMessage Games

Starting a Game on iMessage

To start playing, open your conversation, find the game you’ve downloaded in the iMessage App Drawer, and click on it. The game will then appear in your message box, ready to be sent to your friend.

Understanding Game Controls and User Interface

Each game has different controls, ranging from touch moves to drags and drops. These controls will be highlighted for you when you begin the game. Similarly, the user interface will depend on the game type, but the primary objective of each game will always be clearly outlined.

Pro Tips and Tricks to Excel at iMessage Games

While each game requires different strategies, one common tip across all games is that practice makes perfect. The more you play, the better you become. Also, understanding the game rules and controls accurately can make a significant difference in your gaming performance.

Engaging in Multiplayer iMessage Games

How to Kickstart a Multiplayer Game

Some iMessage games allow multiple players. To begin a multiplayer game, you will need to first invite your friends by sending them a game request. Once they accept, the game commences, and the turns alternate between players.

Turn-Based Gameplay and Interaction with Friends

Turn-based multiplayer games ensure fair play by allowing only one person to play at a time. Your friends will receive a notification whenever it’s their turn, ensuring that the game proceeds smoothly even with multiple players involved.

Playing with Contacts Outside iMessage

iMessage Games are exclusive to Apple users. However, some games allow you to invite friends who do not have iPhones by generating an external link that can be shared with them.

The Most Frequently Played iMessage Games

Popular iMessage Games

iMessage boasts a myriad of games and the most popular ones include GamePigeon, Words with Friends, Truth Truth Lie, and more. Each game offers distinct challenges and rewards that cater to different types of players.

User Reviews and Audience Reception

Most iMessage Games have received positive reviews for their clever integration within the chat interface and engaging gameplay. Users also appreciate the versatility, as they can choose from a wide variety of game genres.

Troubleshooting iMessage Games

Addressing Common Issues with iMessage Games

A few common issues users might encounter while playing iMessage Games include frozen screens or lagging games. These are typically resolved by simply closing and reopening the iMessage app, or updating your software.

Reaching Out to Support

For more serious concerns, Apple has a dedicated support team ready to assist. You can reach them through the Apple support website or your device’s help center.

Conclusion: The Fun World of iMessage Games

Whether you’re seeking a quick dose of entertainment or a friendly competition with pals, iMessage Games can keep you entertained during any conversation. So, don your gaming hats, explore the wide range of games available, and tap into the fun anytime, anywhere.


What are the best free iMessage Games?

GamePigeon, Words with Friends, and Truth Truth Lie are some of the best free games you can find on iMessage.

Can you play iMessage Games without WiFi?

While most iMessage Games require an active internet connection, some can be played offline. Check the game details for more information.

How do I delete iMessage Games?

To delete an iMessage game, go to your iMessage App drawer, find the game, and swipe left to delete it.

What to do if iMessage Games aren’t working?

If an iMessage Game isn’t working, try reopening your iMessage app or update your software. If the problem persists, contact the Apple support team.

Can I play iMessage Games with Android users?

While you can’t directly play iMessage Games with Android users, some games do have an option to invite friends by sharing a link. These games can often be played in a device’s web browser.