Step-by-Step Guide: How to Pin Someone on Snapchat for Instant Access

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In an era dominated by technology, Snapchat has carved out its unique space as an engaging social media application. With its array of features paving the way for dynamic forms of communication, Snapchat has amassed a massive user base globally. Among these features is a handy technique known as pinning which has immense benefits and uses in the Snapchat environment. This guide will help understand ‘How to pin someone on Snapchat’ along with its uses and benefits.

Understanding the Feature ‘Pin a Friend’

Snapshot’s pinning feature allows users to prioritize certain friends by pinning them at the top of their chat list. This translates to faster and more efficient connection with key contacts. Pinning not only aids in swift navigation but also saves time in scrolling through extensive friend lists. From connecting with your best friend to communicating with important work colleagues, this feature simplifies your Snapchat experience.

Step-by-Step Guide to Pinning a Contact in Snapchat

Detailed Walk-through on How to Pin a Contact

Pinning a contact on Snapchat is a straightforward process. Firstly, you need to open your Snapchat application and swipe right to access your chat screen. Scroll through your friend list and locate the contact you wish to pin. Swipe right on their name to initiate a chat, then tap on the three horizontal lines at the top left of the chat screen. You’ll see the option pin friend in the drop-down menu – tapping on it will pin the selected contact at the top of your chat list.

Difference of Pinning on Different Devices (iOS, Android, etc.)

While the pinning process is similar across various devices, there can be slight variations in navigation due to the difference in operating systems. Generally, the steps mentioned above should work fine for both iOS and Android devices.

Pinning in Group Chats

How to Pin in a Snapchat Group Chat

You can also pin groups in Snapchat, which follows the same procedure as pinning a single contact. Open the group chat you wish to pin, tap the group name or icon at the top, and select ‘pin group’.

Disadvantages and Limitations of Pinning in Group Chats

One limitation of pinning in group chats is that it can cluster your list if you pin too many groups. Hence, it’s advisable to pin only significant groups for efficient communication.

Managing Pinned Friends

How to Reorganize or Unpin friends

Reshuffling or unpinning friends on Snapchat is simple. The same navigations are followed, but instead of pinning, select ‘unpin friend’.

Importance of Managing Pinned Friends

Managing your pinned friends is crucial for maintaining a clean and organized chat list for effective communication.

Safety Precautions when Pinning

The Safety Aspect of Pinning Someone

While pinning can be beneficial, remember that anyone with access to your device can see your pinned friends. So, it’s important to keep your device safe and secure.

When to Avoid Pinning Contacts

If you feel someone has unauthorized access to your device, or if it’s a shared device, avoid pinning sensitive contacts to preserve your privacy.

Troubleshooting Pinned Contacts

What to Do if Pinning is Not Working

Sometimes the pinning feature may not work due to app glitches. A simple solution is to update Snapchat or reinstall the app.

Pinning versus Other Snapchat Features

Comparing Pinning Someone with Other Snapchat Features

While features like ‘best friends’ or ‘recent chats’ are handy, pinning stands out as it allows the users to customize the chat list based on their preferences.

When to Use Pinning Instead of Other Snapchat Features

Pinning should be your go-to feature when you want to access specific contacts quickly, making it superior to some other Snapchat features in certain scenarios.


Pinning someone on Snapchat can make your user experience more personalized and efficient. With this step-by-step guide, mastering this feature should now be a breeze.


What is the Maximum Number of Contacts You Can Pin on Snapchat?

You can pin up to 5 contacts on Snapchat.

Can the Person I Pin Know That I’ve Pinned Them?

No, Snapchat doesn’t notify someone when they are pinned.

Can I Pin Someone I’m Not Friends With?

No, you can only pin someone if they are on your friend list.

What Happens When I Unpin a Friend on Snapchat?

When you unpin a friend, they are simply removed from the top of your chat list.

Is Pinning Available on all Devices?

Yes, as long as you have the updated Snapchat app, pinning is available on all devices.

Can You Pin Someone in a Secret Chat?

Snapchat doesn’t currently have a feature allowing you to pin someone in a secret chat.