Step-by-Step Guide: How to Outline Text in Google Slides for More Captivating Presentations

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Google Slides offers a user-friendly platform that allows individuals to create dynamic digital presentations effectively. Outlining text in Google Slides is one tool that enhances these presentations, making them more visually appealing and easier to understand. This article will explore the entire process of outlining text in Google Slides and will demonstrate how anyone can utilize this tool to create captivating and compelling presentations.

Why Outlining Text in Google Slides is Useful

Benefits of text outlining in visual presentation

Text outlining can bring a sense of professionalism and sophistication to your presentation. Whether you are creating a corporate presentation or designing a lesson plan for your class, text outlining can highlight essential points, making them more distinguishable.

Impact on readability and overall presentation design

Aside from enhancing visual aesthetics, text outlining improves the legibility of text against a contrasting background. The right outline color can alleviate eye strain for viewers, especially when viewing presentations on different types of screens.

Understanding Google Slides Interface

Brief guide to Google Slides interface

Google Slides interface features a toolbar at the top, which provides several functions and tools, like adding text, images, shapes, arranging items, and, of course, text outlining.

Locating important features and tools for text outlining

Among these tools, the ‘Text box’ icon allows you to insert text onto any slide. Once inserted, the text can be manipulated and outlined with the ‘Format options’ located in the toolbar under the ‘Format’ dropdown menu.

Basic Text Formatting in Google Slides

How to insert text in Google Slides

Click on the ‘Text box’ icon, and a text box will appear on your selected slide. You can then type your preferred text in this box.

Formatting text: font, size, color, and alignment

To format text font, size, color, and alignment, first select the text you wish to manipulate. Then, using the toolbar at the top of the page, you can choose your desired font, size, color, and alignment.

How to Outline Text in Google Slides: Step-by-Step Guide

How to format text into an outline

Once your text is inserted and formatted, select it and click on ‘Format Options’ in the toolbar. Within the Format Options panel, navigate to the ‘Text’ tab, where you can see the ‘Border color’ option. Here, you can choose any colour for your text outline.

Exploring different text outline options

Apart from color, you can also customize the border weight and dash style under the ‘Text’ tab. Play around with these features to make your presentation extra distinctive.

Tips and tricks for creating visually appealing text outlines

Contrast is key. Ensure your text and outline colors are contrasting to increase readability. Also, avoid thick outline borders as they can overshadow the text itself.

Advanced Text Outlining in Google Slides

Using custom colors and gradients for text outline

When choosing your border color, you can input a custom color by clicking on ‘Custom’ and using the color wheel or entering the HEX code of your preferred color.

Using Word Art for unique text outline

To add more flair to your presentation, consider using Word Art. Just like ordinary text, Word Art can also be outlined—just head to the same ‘Format options’ and explore your creativity!

How to Save and Export Outlined Text in Google Slides

Guide to saving changes

The beauty of Google Slides is that it automatically saves any changes. So, there’s no need to constantly hit the save button.

Exporting your Google Slides presentation with outlined text

To export your presentation, simply go to ‘File’, then ‘Download’. You can choose the format you prefer, but .pptx typically retains most formatting components.

Common Mistakes when Outlining Text in Google Slides

Review of typical errors and how to avoid them

One common mistake is neglecting to appropriately contrast the text color with the outline color. Also, avoid overly complicated fonts as they might not stand out even with an outline.

Best practices for text outlining

The trick is to create a balance: make sure your outline is thick enough to be noticed, but not so thick that it obscures the text within.


Outlining text in Google Slides can significantly enhance the visual appeal of your presentations. However, it’s crucial to strike the right balance between creativity and clarity. Practice makes perfect, so keep experimenting with different text outline options to perfect your skills.


Can I outline multiple texts at once in Google Slides?

Yes. By clicking and dragging your cursor, you can select multiple text boxes and apply the same outline formatting to all of them.

Is there an option for automatic outlining of text in Google Slides?

Unfortunately, Google Slides does not offer an automatic outlining feature. Each text field must be outlined individually.

Why can’t I see the changes when I outline the text in Google Slides?

Ensure you’ve selected ‘Border color’ under ‘Format options’. If changes still aren’t visible, your border weight may be set too thin.

Can I save my preferred text outline for future use?

Google Slides doesn’t currently offer an option to save formatting presets. You’ll need to manually input your settings each time.

What should I do if the outline option in Google Slides is greyed out or disabled?

This issue often arises due to a scarcity of selected objects. Ensure you’ve correctly selected the text box to be outlined.

How can I remove the text outline in Google Slides?

To remove a text outline, select the text box, head to ‘Format options’, and set the border color to transparent.

Can I copy and paste outlined text in the same or different Google Slides presentations?

Yes, outlined text can be duplicated within the same presentation or across different presentations with formatting preserved.

Are there any third-party applications that can help to outline text in Google Slides more efficiently?

As of now, there are no third-party apps specifically designed for outlining text in Google Slides. However, online graphic design tools like Canva can help create attractive text styles that can be saved as images and inserted into your presentation.