A Comprehensive Guide: How to Make Your Messages Dark Blue on Different Platforms

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In the digital world, personalization plays a key role, and the ability to customize your messages is no exception. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to make your messages dark blue across different platforms, including traditional SMS text messages, WhatsApp, iMessage, and Facebook Messenger. Dive into the world of color-coded messaging and understand the hows and whys behind this simplistic yet influential customization tool.

Importance of Text Color in Messaging

Color carries a psychological significance. Different hues evoke varying emotions, perceptions, and reactions. Dark blue, for example, often symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, and stability. By changing your text color to dark blue, your messages could carry these attributes to the reader, subconsciously influencing how they perceive your words.

Moreover, color customization can help differentiate your messages from others and capture the recipient’s attention, making your communication more effective and memorable.

Understanding the Different Messaging Platforms

Several messaging platforms allow users to modify the color of their text messages. Some of the most common ones are WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, and the traditional SMS text messages service. Each of these platforms has its unique interface and customization options.

Making Messages Dark Blue in SMS Text Messages

Color modification is not commonly available for standard SMS text messages. SMS operates on a basic interface with fewer customization options. However, third-party SMS apps like Textra or Mood Messenger provide options for changing message bubble color, which could meet your require for dark blue messages.

Making Messages Dark Blue in WhatsApp

For WhatsApp users, the default color scheme does not offer the option to change the text color. However, a workaround exists. By using the monospace font, users can create an illusion of dark blue coloring. Type ‘“`’ (three back ticks), your message, and close with ‘“`’. This technique changes your text to a dark grey/black, which might seem dark-blueish on certain screens.

Making Messages Dark Blue in iMessage

Unfortunately, Apple’s iMessage does not allow for text color customization either. However, similar to SMS, third-party keyboards like FancyKey or Color Text Messages allow you to send text messages with custom colors, including dark blue.

Making Messages Dark Blue in Facebook Messenger

Unlike other platforms, Facebook Messenger provides a simple option to change your chat color. By clicking on the chat’s information icon, you can select a variety of color themes, including dark blue. This change does not only affect your messages but the entire chat interface color scheme.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

While changing your message color might seem straightforward, some users might encounter issues. The color might not change; it could reset to default or not display correctly on the recipient’s end. A good troubleshooting tip is to ensure that your app is updated to the latest version. If issues persist, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

The Impact of Messages in Dark Blue

Altering the color of your messages to dark blue can significantly impact the recipient’s experience. The color dark blue is known to reduce eye strain—a benefit for people who spend hours on screen. Furthermore, the color’s affiliations with trust and stability could potentially influence the recipient’s perception of your words, making your messages more impactful.


In essence, personalizing your messages by making them dark blue can be an effective way to enhance your digital interchange. Although not all platforms directly provide this feature, numerous workarounds exist. Color customization not only offers an aesthetic appeal but can also significantly shape the reader’s subconscious, emphasizing the importance of messaging personalization.


How does changing my message color affect the receiver’s view of my message?

Changes in message color, like dark blue, can subtly affect the receiver’s perception. Dark blue, associated with trust and stability, could make your messages seem more dependable.

Are there any messaging apps that don’t allow text color changes?

Yes, some apps like WhatsApp and iMessage do not directly allow you to alter the text color. However, workaround methods exist which involve using monospace or third-party keyboards.

Is it possible to automate color changes for certain contacts?

Currently, this feature is generally unavailable. To send custom-colored messages to particular contacts, you will need to manually change the color each time.

Does changing the color of my messages affect how long they’re stored or their delivery speed?

No, changing the color of your messages does not affect message storage or delivery speed.

Can changing the color of my messages help reduce digital eye strain?

Yes, opting for colors like dark blue that are easier on the eyes can potentially help reduce digital eye strain.