A Step-by-Step Guide: How to Listen to Spotify with Friends for a Shared Music Experience

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Brief Overview About Spotify

Spotify is a highly acclaimed music streaming platform known for its diverse music library, accommodating a broad spectrum of musical tastes. Its features range from curated playlists, personalized recommendations, podcasts to radio-style streaming. But, one feature stands out and that’s the ability to enjoy Spotify with friends.

Introduction of the Feature to Listen to Spotify with Friends

The notion of ‘Group Session’ on Spotify signifies the idea of sharing music with friends synchronously. This feature allows you to listen to the same music as your friends in real-time, creating a virtual shared space where everyone can participate and experience music together.

Need to Listen to Spotify with Friends

Sharing Music as a Social Experience

Listening to music is often more enjoyable when it’s a shared experience. Music can act as a powerful bond that connects people, strengthening relationships while letting you explore new genres and artists through your friends’ tastes.

Importance of Listening to the Same Music in Real-Time

Real-time synchronised music listening allows you to collectively shared moments through music. The experience of listening, commenting, and discussing a piece of music as it plays adds to the richness of social interaction, promoting deeper connections among participants.

Prerequisites to Listen to Spotify with Friends

Owning a Spotify Account

Listening to Spotify with friends requires every participant to have a Spotify account. This account enables you to access the vast library of Spotify and lets you share this avecance with others.

Subscribing to a Premium Spotify Account

The ‘Group Session’ feature on Spotify is exclusively available for premium subscribers. So, all participants in the group session need to have a Spotify Premium subscription.

Internet Connection

Since Spotify streams music online, a stable internet connection is vital. The performance of group sessions heavily relies on the quality and stability of the internet.

How to Listen to Spotify with Friends: Step-by-Step Guide

Starting a Group Session

To start with, tap on the ‘Connect to a Device’ icon which looks like a computer screen with a speaker, in the play screen. Then, tap ‘Start a group session’ and a unique code is generated for your group.

Inviting Friends to the Group Session

To invite friends, they need to scan the Spotify code generated in your group session. This can be done by accessing ‘Search’ on their Spotify app and then tapping the camera icon.

Managing the Music Queue

Once in the session, anyone can add songs to the queue. However, the person who started the session has the power to skip, pause, or play songs.

Appropriate Situations to Use the Group Listening Feature

Virtual Parties or Gatherings

Spotify’s group session is perfect for virtual parties or gatherings where friends can listen, groove, and react to the same music.

Online Gaming Sessions

Gamers can take their online gaming sessions to another level by listening to their favourite tracks synchronously.

Long-Distance Road Trips

For friends in different cars but on the same trip, Spotify’s group session enables everyone to sing along to the same tracks.

The Experience of Listening to Spotify with Friends

The Spotify ‘Group Session’ feature allows people to share their favorite music, leading to discovery of new artists and tracks. It also enhances social interaction and results in shared joy and memorable experiences.

Issues and Troubleshooting

While this feature enhances the music experience, it can also face issues. Frequent disconnections, irregularities in syncing tracks and audio quality issues can occur. Most issues can be resolved by checking your Internet connection, updating your Spotify app, or restarting your device.

Benefits and Drawbacks

While this ‘Group Session’ feature offers a unique shared experience, it might disrupt personal music taste algorithm, and bandwidth fluctuation might pose problems. Nevertheless, the enjoyment of shared musical experiences is worth these potential hurdles.


Spotify’s ability to share music with friends in real-time has brought a wave of shared joy and connections, and it’s highly recommended that Spotify Premium users try this feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit to how many friends you can invite?

Spotify currently allows you to invite up to five friends to a ‘Group Session’.

Do all participants need a Spotify Premium Account to join the group session?

Yes, Spotify’s ‘Group Session’ feature is available exclusively for Premium users.

Is there a way to control the music queue?

The user who initiates the group session has control over the music queue.

Can participants located in different geographical locations join the group session?

Yes, participants from different geographical locations can join the same group session provided they have the session’s unique Spotify code.

How to solve syncing problems?

Syncing issues can often be solved by maintaining a stable internet connection, updating your Spotify app, or restarting your device.