How to Install and Use the Peacock App on Your LG TV: A Comprehensive Guide

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As we delve into the progressive era of smart TV technology, apps have become a core component, enhancing our entertainment experience. One app that stands out is the LG TV Peacock app. This app is a direct result of the alliance between LG, a leading television manufacturing brand and Peacock, a popular content streaming service with a fascinating mix of movies, shows, news, and sports channels to entertain its users.

LG Smart TVs and Peacock App

Overview of LG smart TVs and their features

LG Smart TVs are pioneering with their advanced technology and consumer-centric features. They provide a rich audio experience, magnifying visuals, and a user-friendly interface with easy navigation. Integrated with built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity, they allow easy access to various online content platforms.

Explanation of Peacock App and its offerings

Peacock App, a product from NBCUniversal, offers a comprehensive catalogue of binge-worthy TV shows, hit movies, sports, news, and a vast library of NBC favorites. It is home to popular original content like Brave New World and Saved by the Bell. Unlike many streaming services, Peacock offers a free tier, apart from its premium and family packages.

Compatibility of Peacock App with LG TV

Models and series of LG TVs where Peacock App can be installed

Primarily, the Peacock App can be installed on all LG smart TVs with the webOS platform. This includes the LG UHD TVs, LG OLED TVs, and other specific models running on webOS 4.0 and above.

Software requirements for the Peacock App on LG TV

An active internet connection is vital for streaming content on the Peacock App. Plus, it requires a minimum software version of webOS 4.0.

Installing the Peacock App on LG TV

Step-by-step guide to installing the Peacock App on LG TV

1. Turn on your LG Smart TV and click on the home button on your remote.
2. Navigate to ‘LG Content Store’ and select ‘Apps & Games.’
3. In the search bar, type ‘Peacock’ and select ‘Install.’
4. After installation, click ‘Launch’ to open the app.

Addressing common installation issues and troubleshooting tips

If you encounter issues while installing, ensure you have a stable internet connection and sufficient storage on your TV. Additionally, make sure your webOS software is up-to-date.

Using the Peacock App on LG TV

Discussion on how to navigate and use the Peacock App

The Peacock App interface is designed for ease of use. Once you launch the app, the homepage displays a selection of popular content featuring trending shows, tailor-made collections, and categorized genres to ease your search.

Overview of content available through the Peacock App

Peacock provides a plethora of content from exclusive originals, hit movies, top-rated TV shows, kids’ programming, news programming, and much more.

Quality of Streaming on LG TV with Peacock App

Review of video and audio quality while streaming via Peacock App

Streaming on Peacock App delivers a crystal clear video and remarkable audio quality – a guarantee to enhance your viewing experience.

Accessibility of high definition and ultra-high definition content

Peacock App supports HD streaming, with some content even available in 4K Ultra HD for a truly immersive experience.

Benefits of Peacock App on LG TV

Unique features and advantages of using Peacock App on LG TV

The Peacock App provides a comfortable user experience, with an easy-to-use interface and an extensive selection of content. Who wouldn’t be thrilled about getting free access to their favorite NBC classics!

Cost of Peacock app subscription levels and perks each level offers

While Peacock offers a free tier with limited access, the premium and family packages offer full access to their complete content library along with additional multi-streams.

Comparison with Other Streaming Apps on LG TV

Comparing the Peacock App with other streaming services on LG TV

Unlike streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, Peacock offers a free package, making it an attractive offering for customers on a budget. Furthermore, it enriches its content library with NBC’s lineup of original shows and classics.

The unique selling proposition (USP) of Peacock in this competitive landscape

The real USP of Peacock is its free-tier package that fairly competes with other paid streaming apps on LG TV. Its unique blend of content, enriched with trending shows and classics, is surely a winner.


In summary, the LG TV Peacock app is a delightful addition to your LG smart TV features, offering a variety of enjoyable content for every viewer. It stands out in this competitive market with its impressive free-tier package and exclusive offerings. It’s a confidently YES on integrating the Peacock app on your LG TV. Time to set up and enjoy streaming!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What models of LG TV are compatible with the Peacock App?

Peacock App can be installed on all LG smart TVs with the webOS platform.

How to install the Peacock App on LG TV?

Navigate to ‘LG Content Store’ on your TV, then search and install the Peacock App.

Is a subscription necessary to use the Peacock App, and what are the available plans?

Peacock offers a free package along with premium and family packages based on access level.

How does the Peacock App compare with other streaming apps on LG TV?

Peacock stands out with its free-tier package and exclusive content, making it a worthy competitor against others.

What content is available on the Peacock App?

You can enjoy a wide variety of content from original shows to movies, news, and sports channels.

What to do in case of technical issues with the Peacock App on LG TV?

Make sure you have a stable internet connection, sufficient storage, and your webOS software is updated.