Ultimate Guide: How to Grow a Discord Server Successfully in 2022

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Over the past few years, Discord has grown exponentially in popularity. As a free voice, video, and text communication service, it is favored by gamers, businesses, influencers, and various other communities. Despite its high usage, the importance of growing a Discord server is generally overlooked. A Discord server is not just a hub for communication; it’s an opportunity to build and foster a thriving online community.

Understanding What a Discord Server is

So, what exactly is a Discord server? Think of it as a digital space where a particular community can gather to chat, share ideas, collaborate, and interact. A Discord server has numerous channels – each dedicated to specific types of content or conversations – to ensure discussions remain organized and engage various interest groups within your community.

The importance of a Discord server for communities and groups is paramount. It provides a shared platform allowing quick and easy communication, interaction, and collaboration – whether for gaming strategies, project brainstorming, or just casual banter.

Setting Up Your Discord Server

Now let’s delve into the mechanics of establishing your server. Here’s how to set up a Discord server:

– Create a Discord account if you haven’t already.
– Click on the ‘+’ symbol on the left menu to add a new server.
– Choose ‘Create a server’ and fill in the details such as server name and region.
– Click ‘Create’, and voila! You have your server.

The Importance of Proper Server Setup

Setting up your server properly is vital. Organize your channels from the get-go to avoid confusion and information overload. Create a different channel for each topic – a general chat for newcomers, or specific channels for different aspects of your community’s interests, etc.

Customizing Your Server

To make your Discord server appealing, personalization is key. You can add a unique look with a memorable logo, distinct roles, and colors. The server settings offer extensive customization options for roles, channels, emojis, and permissions.

Tips on Customization

Experiment until you create an appealing, user-friendly environment. Add custom emojis relevant to your community, define user roles with different permissions and colors, and set up bots to automate tasks, handle moderation, or entertain your members.

Creating a Strong Server Community

One primary objective on how to grow a Discord server is building a strong community. Your server’s success entirely depends on the engagement and interaction of its members.

Strategies to Build and Foster a Strong Community

Start by welcoming new members. Have a dedicated channel for introductions and let your community greet newcomers. Regularly engage with your members, ask for their opinions, host activities, contests, or giveaways.

Utilizing Bots to Grow Your Server

Discord bots serve various functions, like moderating content, organizing channels, and engaging users with games or music.

Information on Popular Bots and Their Usage

Some popular bots include MEE6 for customized commands and automated moderation, Dyno for advanced moderation options, Groovy for music, and Tatsu for user engagement and levels.

Experimenting with Various Features

Different features can boost member engagement – voice channels for real-time communication, reaction roles for interactive role assignments, pinned messages for important updates, and integrated games for fun.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Forming partnerships with other Discord servers aligning with your community’s interests can significantly boost growth.

Ways to Find Potential Partners

Join Discord server listing websites, forums, or utilize the ‘Discovery’ feature to find servers with similar interests.

Constant Interaction and Engagement

Frequent interaction keeps your community active and engaged. Participate in discussions, respond to queries, or even host regular community events.

Ways to Interact with Your Server Members

Narrate a gaming adventure, share a funny anecdote, inquire about their day, or host a Q&A session – there are numerous ways to interact. Remember, the goal is to foster a sense of camaraderie and belonging.

Evaluating and Adjusting Your Approach

Monitoring your server’s growth and receptiveness to your efforts is essential. Use analytics to track member activity, engagement, and growth metrics.

Tools to Help Monitor Growth and Manage Server

Discord itself provides server insights for communities with 500+ members. For smaller communities, bots like StatBot or ServerStats can provide valuable insights.


Growing a Discord server requires strategic planning, constant engagement, and continuous improvement. By enhancing your server’s allure through customization, fostering a strong community with interaction, utilizing bots, and adjusting your approach based on insights, you can successfully grow your Discord community.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Discord server?

A Discord server is an organized space for a community to gather, chat, and collaborate on Discord.

Why is growing a Discord server important?

Growing a Discord server helps build a larger, more engaged community, influencing activities, discussions, collaborations, and overall productivity.

How can you make your Discord server unique?

You can personalize your Discord server by adding distinct roles, colors, custom emojis, automated bots, and organized channels.

What are Discord bots, and how can they help grow your server?

Discord bots are AI programs that can moderate content, manage channels, or increase user engagement to attract and retain more members.

How often should you interact with your server members?

Regular interaction is key for member retention. Strive for daily interaction in various forms – text, voice, games, or events.

What are some effective ways to build a strong server community?

Welcoming new members, engaging in discussions, seeking opinions, hosting activities, and maintaining a positive and respectful environment are effective tactics to build a strong community.