A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Get Water Out of an iPhone Safely

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Water damage in iPhones, an issue that seems almost mundane, is surprisingly common among iPhone users. As the usage of iPhones skyrocket, so do incidents of water damage, ticking up a chilling statistic. When an iPhone soaks up water or any form of liquid, it is of utmost importance to address the issue immediately to avert severe, and often permanent, damage.

What Happens When an iPhone Gets Wet

The minute water infiltrates your iPhone, it starts causing internal harm. The water can lead to corrosion of the phone’s internal components, a chain reaction that might culminate in total device failure. Different functionalities like screen responsiveness, audio output, photo clarity, and even the ability to charge the device can be adversely affected.

Initial Steps to Take

If your iPhone gets wet, your immediate response should be to power off the device. You also need to remove the SIM card and any external attachments, such as headphone connections, to prevent further damage. Afterward, gently wipe off the external water without pressing any buttons to avoid pushing the water further into the device.

How to Remove Water from a Wet iPhone

After completing the initial steps, you may have to shake out excess water from the ports. It could save your iPhone from severe water damage. Besides, you can use materials like silica gel or uncooked rice to dry out the internal parts, but you must be cautious to prevent the grains from entering your device’s ports.

How to Use a Hair Dryer to Remove Water from an iPhone

A hairdryer can play a handy role in removing water from an iPhone. However, using a hairdryer incorrectly can create more problems than solutions. The safe method involves setting the hairdryer at the coolest setting and keeping it at a distance so as not to overheat the device. Still, this method has its risks due to the direct and intense heat that could potentially damage your iPhone’s internal components. Professional advice is encouraged in this scenario to avoid unnecessary risk.

Professional Help for Water Damage

There is a plethora of iPhone repair services available that deal specifically with water damage. The cost, however, needs careful consideration, as it can differ based on various factors like the extent of damage, the model of your iPhone, and the pricing of your selected service provider. The process of professional water removal usually entails diagnosis, internal cleaning, and replacement of faulty parts, which is properly executed by professionals.

How to Prevent Water Damage

The best way to deal with water damage is to prevent it in the first place. Using waterproof and water-resistant cases can effectively guard your device against such instances. Training yourself to be extra cautious around water bodies and maintaining influential habits, like refraining from using the phone while eating or drinking, can also prevent water damage.

The Role of Apple Support and Warranties in Water Damage

Apple support provides a comprehensive water damage policy. However, it is essential to check if your iPhone’s warranty covers water damage. The warranty status can be checked through Apple’s official website using the serial number of your device.


Dealing with a water-damaged iPhone runs through a step-by-step process from addressing the immediate danger, making attempts at repair, to professional help and preventive measures. Each phase is crucial and requires precision and understanding of the device.


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