How to Find HP Laptop Model Number: A Step-by-Step Guide

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When it comes to getting support for your HP laptop, troubleshooting issues, or simply finding the right replacement parts, knowing your laptop’s model number is crucial. This guide will walk you through how to find the HP laptop model number in a few easy steps. We’ll discuss various methods such as finding the number on the product label, searching for it online, and confirming the model number to ensure you have the correct information.

The Location of the Model Number

Finding the Model Number on the Product Label

The easiest and most straightforward way to find your HP laptop model number is to check the product label. HP laptops typically have a label on the bottom or underside of the laptop. The label will contain important information including the model number, product name, serial number, and product number. The model number may appear as something like HP ENVY 13-aq1101ng or HP Pavilion 15-cw1008na.

Looking for a Sticker on the Underside of the Laptop

In addition to the product label, there might also be a separate sticker or barcode label on the underside of the laptop. This sticker may also contain the model number, serial number, or other product information. Make sure to check on the bottom surface, sides, and back of the laptop for any additional labels containing the model number.

Checking the BIOS Menu

If you cannot find the HP laptop model number on a label or your label is unreadable, you can try checking the BIOS menu. To access the BIOS menu, follow these steps:

1. Turn off your laptop completely and then turn it back on.
2. Press the Esc key immediately after the HP logo appears on the screen.
3. The Startup Menu will appear, press the F1 key to access the System Information menu.
4. The model number should be displayed alongside other hardware information.

Searching for the Model Number Online

Accessing the HP Website

Another method of finding your HP laptop model number is by accessing the HP website. Visit the HP support website and click on the Identify now or Detect my device button. This will automatically detect your laptop and provide you with the model number and other hardware information.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to have an active internet connection and use a compatible web browser for this method to work.

Using Third-Party Software

If you prefer not to use the HP website, you can also use third-party software to find the model number. Software such as Speccy or CPU-Z can provide a wealth of information about your laptop’s hardware, including the model number. After installing and running the software, simply look for the model number in the system summary or motherboard section of the software.

Checking Device Properties on Windows

To find your HP laptop model number using Windows, follow these steps:

1. Press Windows + X keys and select System from the menu.
2. In the System window, find the System Model field. This should display your laptop’s model number.

Confirming the Model Number

Checking the Model Number against the Label

Once you’ve found a potential model number using one of the methods above, compare it to the information on the product label. It’s essential to make sure the model numbers match, as this will ensure you’re working with accurate information when seeking support or purchasing replacement parts.

Verifying the Model Number via the HP Website

You can also verify your laptop’s model number by checking it against the HP website. Simply input the model number into the search bar on the HP support site, and it should pull up the appropriate support and product information for your specific laptop.

Contacting HP Support for Verification

If you’re still unsure of your laptop’s model number or need further assistance, contact HP support. They can help you identify your laptop model and provide you with the correct support and information needed.


In conclusion, knowing your HP laptop model number is essential for obtaining proper support and ensuring compatibility when purchasing replacement parts. By following the steps and methods outlined above, you should have no problem locating your laptop’s model number. Remember that knowing your exact HP model number guarantees the best support possible, so don’t settle for just a general model number.


Why do I need to know my HP laptop model number?

Knowing your HP laptop model number is essential for obtaining proper support, troubleshooting issues, and ensuring compatibility when purchasing replacement parts.

Where can I find the model number on my HP laptop?

The model number can be found on the product label, which is typically located on the bottom or underside of the laptop.

Can I find my HP laptop model number online?

Yes, you can find your model number using the HP website or third-party software such as Speccy or CPU-Z.

What if my laptop’s product label is missing or unreadable?

You can try accessing the BIOS menu, checking device properties on Windows, or using online methods to find your model number.

How can I confirm that I have the correct HP laptop model number?

You can compare the model number found with the one written on the product label, verify it using the HP website, or contact HP support for assistance.

Is it possible to find my laptop model number if I’ve lost my laptop?

If you still have the original packaging, the model number may be listed there. You may also try contacting HP support, who may be able to help you using your laptop’s serial number.

How does knowing my HP laptop model number help with troubleshooting issues?

By knowing your exact model number, you can seek specific support and troubleshooting guides tailored to your laptop, ensuring more accurate results and efficient problem-solving.

Do different laptop brands require different methods to find the model number?

While the methods may be similar across manufacturers, each laptop brand may locate their product labels or present model numbers differently. It is best to consult the specific manufacturer’s support resources when looking for your laptop’s model number.

Why is it essential to confirm my laptop’s model number?

Confirming your laptop model number is critical to ensuring accurate support, troubleshooting, and compatibility with replacement parts.

Does the model number change if I upgrade my laptop’s hardware?

No, the model number of your laptop remains the same regardless of any hardware upgrades. However, the specific hardware changes you’ve made may impact compatibility with certain software, parts, and support resources.