Step-by-Step Guide on How to Disable Xbox Gamebar on Your PC

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The Xbox Gamebar, available on Windows 10 devices, is an integral part of gaming experiences for many users. It offers a multitude of features such as recording gameplay, taking screenshots, streaming, tracking game performance, and social interaction tools. However, while this tool has its advantages, some gamers might prefer to disable it for various reasons.

Understanding the Xbox Gamebar

The Xbox Gamebar’s backstory is as a result of Microsoft’s innovative approach to bridging the gap between console gamers and PC gamers. The crux of its usefulness lies in its ability to provide a simplified access to gaming tools during gameplay sessions. Although it is a valuable feature, some gamers might face issues such as system slowdowns or unwanted pop-ups during games. This interruption could cause frustration, particularly during high-intensity gaming sessions, thus making disabling Xbox Gamebar a desirable option.

Pre-Requisites for Disabling Xbox Gamebar

Before disabling the Xbox Gamebar, ensure you have a Windows 10 device as this is the primary compatibility requirement. Additionally, administrator permissions are necessary to alter system settings. Bear in mind that your Microsoft account might also play a part in accessing and modifying Xbox-related settings.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Disable Xbox Gamebar Through System Settings

Disabling the Xbox Gamebar is straightforward:

Accessing the System Settings on your PC

To initiate the disabling process, navigate to the “Settings option on your computer either by searching or using the gear icon located in the start menu.

Finding and Selecting the Xbox Gamebar Settings

In the Settings menu, locate and select “Gaming. Subsequently, select “Xbox Gamebar.

Following Through the Disable Process

There should be a switch that allows you to turn off the Xbox Gamebar. Simply click this switch to off and you have successfully disabled the Xbox Gamebar.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Disable Xbox Gamebar Through Gaming Settings

Alternatively, you can disable the Xbox Gamebar using the Gaming Settings:

Accessing the Gaming Settings on Your PC

Press Windows Key + I to open Settings, then navigate to Gaming.

Locating and Choosing the Xbox Gamebar settings

Select the Xbox Gamebar settings in the sidebar.

Guided Walkthrough of the Disable Process

Just like in the System Settings, find the switch that allows you to turn off the Xbox Gamebar and click it to off.

How to Know if Xbox Gamebar has been Disabled Successfully

To confirm that the Xbox Gamebar has been successfully disabled, try using the shortcut Win + G. Prior to disablement, this shortcut would trigger the Xbox Gamebar. If it’s been disabled successfully, pressing these keys won’t trigger any actions.

Potential Issues and Troubleshooting

Common Problems When Trying to Disable Xbox Gamebar

Some users have reported not being able to disable the Xbox Gamebar. This could be due to numerous reasons such as non-administrator accounts or out-of-date system updates.

Possible Solutions and Workarounds

Solving these issues might involve granting permissions to the account or updating the system.

When to Seek Professional Help or Contact Customer Support

If after troubleshooting and the problem persists, getting in touch with Microsoft Support or a professional technician can provide a more targeted approach.

The Pros and Cons of Disabling Xbox Gamebar

There are both upsides and downsides to disabling the Xbox Gamebar. It might improve game performance and eliminate unwanted pop-ups, but you lose access to quick game recording, screenshot tools, and other convenient features.


The Xbox Gamebar can prove very useful, but should its features clash with your gaming experience, disabling it is a viable option. With the outlined guide, the process to disable the Xbox Gamebar is simple and effective.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Disabling Xbox Gamebar Improve Game Performance?

Many users report slight improvements in game performance without the Gamebar, particularly on lower-spec devices. However, this will vary depending on individual system configurations and game requirements.

Can I Re-Enable Xbox Gamebar After Disabling it?

Yes, by following the same steps and turning the switch back to “On in the settings, you can re-enable Xbox Gamebar.

Will Disabling Xbox Gamebar Affect Other Windows Functionalities?

No, disabling it should not impact other Windows functionalities. Only Xbox Gamebar functions will be affected.

Why Doesn’t My PC Allow Me to Disable Xbox Gamebar?

This could be due to having an older Windows version, lack of administrative permissions or certain installed programs preventing changes.

What If I Encounter Errors While Disabling Xbox Gamebar?

If errors arise when attempting to disable Xbox Gamebar, it’s advised to update your device, check your permissions, or contact Microsoft Support for further assistance.