Mastering Memoji: Straightforward Methods for Creation on Your iPhone

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How to Create Your Very Own Memoji

Hey there! It’s Tracy here from Today I’m going to teach you how to create your very own memojis. Don’t worry, it’s not rocket science. Stay with me to the end and you’ll see just how simple and fun it can be.

What is a Memoji?

A Memoji is a customizable emoji that you can design to match your appearance and personality, making text exchanges more personalized and enjoyable.

Here’s how you can design your own Memoji:

Step 1: Open the Messages App

Get started by opening the Messages app on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2: Start a new message

Click on the pen and paper icon to compose a new message. Enter a contact’s name or number in the To field.

Step 3: Click on the Animoji icon

Click on the Monkey-face Animoji icon, situated at the bottom, above the keyboard.

Step 4: Swipe Right and Click on the ‘+’ icon

Swipe right until you see the ‘+’ sign and hit that to begin creating your Memoji.

Step 5: Customize Your Memoji

From here, you can customize your Memoji entirely. Choose features such as skin tone, hairstyles, eyes, brows, nose, mouth, ears, facial hair, eyewear, headwear, etc. Make sure to hit Done once you’re satisfied with your avatar.

Step 6: Use Your Memoji

Once your Memoji is created, it will be saved under the Animoji icon. You can use it as a sticker in text messages, as a live animoji in FaceTime, and even as your display picture.

And voila! You’re done.

See? I told you it wasn’t that hard. Remember, don’t be afraid of technology. Embrace it, explore it and have fun!

Have more tech-related questions? I’m always here to help. Just shoot me an email at Happy Memoji making!