Mastering Conference Calls on iPhone: The Easy Way

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How to Conference Call on iPhone

Hello, I’m Tracy, bringing you easy-to-understand content to make tech more approachable. Today, I’ll go over how to set up a conference call on your iPhone.

Step 1: Make Your First Call

Navigate to the ‘Phone’ application on your iPhone and dial the first person you wish to include in the conference call. Press the green call button to connect.

Step 2: Connect to the Second Party

Once you’ve successfully connected to the first person, tap the ‘Add Call’ button. This will put the first party on hold while you dial the next person’s number.

Step 3: Merge the Calls

After the second party answers, tap the ‘Merge Calls’ button. This will connect the three of you in one call.

Step 4: Add More People

Repeat steps 2 and 3 to add additional participants to the conference call, up to a maximum of five.

Step 5: Manage Your Call

During the conference call, you can speak with one person at a time by tapping ‘Conference’ and selecting the person you wish to speak privately with. To end the call, just press the red hang-up button.

Important to Note

Remember that network provider restrictions may apply, and not all features may be available with all carriers or in all areas.

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That’s simple, Right?

Setting up a conference call on your iPhone is truly as simple as it sounds! I trust you’ll now be able to create your own conference calls with complete confidence. At, we’re dedicated to breaking down tech into manageable pieces. Stay tuned for more easy-to-understand guides and tech how-tos.

Since I try to ensure all information is accurate and up-to-date, the steps discussed are courtesy of Apple’s official support page.

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