Mastering Word Count on Google Slides: Simple Tips and Tricks

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How to Check Word Count on Google Slides

Hello, I’m Tracy from In this guide, I will explain a simple method on how to check word count on Google Slides. It’s important to note that Google Slides does not offer a built-in feature to count words. However, I have found an easy workaround for this.

Method to Count Words in Google Slides

This method involves copying your text from Google Slides into Google Docs, which does have a word count feature.

Step 1: Select and Copy Your Text

After opening your slide presentation, select the text you want to count. To select all the text on a slide, use keyboard shortcut Control+A (or Command+A for Mac users). Right-click on the selected text and choose Copy, or use shortcut Control+C (or Command+C for Mac users).

Step 2: Paste Text into Google Docs

Navigate to Google Docs and create a new blank document. Paste the text you copied (shortcut being Control+V or Command+V for Mac users).

Step 3: Check Word Count

In Google Docs, navigate to the menu selection: Tools > Word Count or use the shortcut Control+Shift+C (or Command+Shift+C for Mac users). A pop-up box will appear, showing you the word count.


Although checking the word count in Google Slides requires a workaround, it can be efficiently done by incorporating Google Docs into your workflow. Hopefully, with my simplified guide, you now have a clear understanding of how to check the word count in Google Slides.

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