Easy Steps on How to Change the Language on Netflix: A Comprehensive Guide

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In an increasingly globalized world, content platforms like Netflix have become an integral part of our digital leisure activities. With a library of thousands of movies and shows to choose from, the ability to change language settings can greatly enhance the user experience. By adjusting the language of your Netflix account, not only can it better suit your individual viewing needs, but also paves the way to enjoy a wider variety of global content in the comfort of your own language.

The Need to Change Language on Netflix

The reasons to change the language on Netflix can vary tremendously from user to user. Perhaps English isn’t your first language, or you are trying to improve your skills in a foreign language. Maybe you have a favorite foreign film or TV series, and understanding the language in depth will give you a more enhanced viewing experience. Moreover, changing Netflix’s language setting allows it to be more inclusive for viewers of different linguistic backgrounds, thereby increasing its accessibility.

The Language Options Available on Netflix

Netflix supports a broad selection of languages, which highlights its worldwide user base. The platform’s language options include but are not limited to English, Arabic, Korean, Italian, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and many more. Netflix further bolsters its language support by offering both subtitles and dubbing options for a significant number of its TV shows and movies.

How to Change Netflix’s Primary Language

For changing the overall language setting of your Netflix account, you need to:

  1. Open Netflix and log in to your account.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Account’ section located under the drop-down menu on the top-right side of the screen.
  3. Go to the ‘Language’ setting and choose your preferred language from the available options.
  4. Save your settings. From this point onwards, the user interface and all Netflix communications will be in your selected language.

However, do note that changing the primary language of your Netflix account could alter your content recommendations and descriptions, as they are tailored based on your language setting.

How to Change Language within a Show or Movie

If you wish to change the language of a specific show or movie, you can:

  1. Choose the desired content and start playing it.
  2. Look for an icon labeled ‘Audio & Subtitles’ at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Select your preferred audio or subtitle language from the available options.
  4. Resume viewing your content with the updated language settings.

One limitation here is that not all shows and movies have multiple language options due to licensing agreements and other factors.

Switching Back to Original Language on Netflix

If you ever wish to revert back to your original Netflix language, simply follow the steps mentioned above for changing Netflix’s primary language, and select your original language from the given options. However, changing your viewing language frequently may temporarily disturb your viewing suggestions and user interface.

How to Set Profiles in Different Languages

Netflix allows the creation of multiple user profiles within a single account. This feature can be used to set up each profile with a different language preference. This could be particularly useful for multi-lingual families or language learners.

Tips for Improving Your Netflix Language Experience

While selecting subtitles, opt for the ones marked as [CC] or “Closed Captioned as they often provide a more detailed translation. Further, switching Netflix languages can be an excellent tool for learning a new language. By watching shows and movies in your target language, you can improve your comprehension skills and vocabulary in an engaging way.

Impact of Changing Language On Netflix’s Recommendations

The language you use on Netflix significantly impacts your content recommendations. If you primarily watch content in a particular language, Netflix will refine its algorithm to suggest more content in that same language. However, if you wish to explore shows or movies in different languages, simply alter your language preferences following the steps provided above, and Netflix will essentially curate a multi-lingual spread for you.


Netflix offers a great way to enjoy content from around the world in your preferred language. Changing the language on Netflix is an easy and straightforward process which offers numerous benefits, ranging from enriching your viewing experience to aiding in language learning. Remember, your Netflix account is personal to you and should cater to your individual viewing preferences, including language settings.

If you still have questions related to changing the language on Netflix, feel free to contact me at and I’d be glad to assist. As media scholar Henry Jenkins notes, Each of us constructs our own personal mythology from bits and fragments of information extracted from the media flow… transformed into resources through which we make sense of our everyday lives. In this modern era, you have every right to tailor your media flow, including your Netflix language setting, to enhance your life and make sense of the world around you. Happy viewing!

The information in this article is sourced from the Netflix help center [Link to Netflix help center, if allowed].