Updating Your Contact Info: How to Change Phone Number on TikTok

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Let’s Dive Right In: The Basics of TikTok

As a tech enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of TikTok, the immensely popular social media app. Originating in China, the platform has become a global phenomenon, enabling users to create and share short videos and viral challenges. But along with the fun, also comes responsibility. Yes, I’m referring to the importance of keeping your TikTok account information updated, most crucially your phone number.

Before You Start: Prepping for a Phone Number Change on TikTok

To ensure a smooth process, it’s crucial to have access to the current phone number linked to your TikTok account. Remember, when switching to a new number, TikTok typically sends a verification code to the originally registered number. So, keep that old phone handy until the change is complete. Also, ensure you have your new number active, as this will be needed too.

Step-By-Step: Changing Your Phone Number on TikTok

Let’s break down the process. Fire up your TikTok mobile app and engage in the following steps.

Exploring the Settings and Privacy Tab

Once you’ve logged in, find your profile icon, usually found in the lower right corner. From here, tap the three horizontal dots at the top right to unveil the ‘Settings and Privacy’ tab.

Navigating the Manage My Account Section

Inquire within this tab and look for the ‘Manage my account’ section. Tap it, and you’ll find the ‘Phone Number’ field.

Changing the Phone Number

Here’s where we execute the switch. Tap on ‘Phone Number’ and opt for ‘Change.’ You’ll be prompted to enter your password for safety reasons. Once verified, you’ll enter your new phone number.

Verification Process

Subsequently, a verification code will be sent to your new phone number. Key in this code to verify your new number, and voila! Your TikTok phone number has been changed.

Stumbling Blocks: Troubleshooting Issues While Changing Phone Numbers on TikTok

You may encounter a hiccup or two during this process. Two common issues are:

Difficulty Receiving the Verification Code

Sometimes, the verification text takes longer than expected. If you don’t receive a text within a few minutes, click on ‘Resend Code.’ Contact your telecom provider if the issue persists.

Error Messages When Inputting New Phone Number

Typing errors can lead to an invalid number error. Double-check the number you’ve entered. If correctly entered and still witnessing errors, reach out to TikTok support.

Extra Measures: Safety and Security Tips for TikTok Users

Regularly updating your account Information is fundamental. Consider two-factor authentication, a security measure requiring two types of identification, usually a password and a verification code.

Keep Your Account Hacker-Proof

Avoid suspicious third-party apps, as they are often gateways for hackers. Use strong passwords combining capital and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

Keep in mind; safety isn’t a product, but a process. As Edward Snowden once said, Arguing that you don’t care about privacy because you have nothing to hide is like saying you don’t care about freedom of speech because you have nothing to say.

Pulling It All Together: Review and Further Considerations

By now, you should comfortably navigate TikTok’s phone change process. Remember to have both old and new numbers handy. Error messages during the process usually indicate a typing error, but do not hesitate to contact TikTok support if you’re stuck.

Finding Equilibrium: The Balance between Fun and Security

In our increasingly digital world, maintaining updated and secure user information is not just smart—it’s essential. I encourage you to regularly review and update your account security settings.

If you have queries or want to share your experiences, shoot me an email at I’d love to hear from you. From here, wishing you a secure and creative journey on TikTok!